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Jul 25 at 4:59pm
Posted a blog ... trust...


Jun 19 at 8:02pm


Shared publicly - Jun 2 at 4:41pm
FULL MOON tonight!...a bit restless here..."rest areas" will be busy tonight, lawdy, lawdy, (giggles).
It was gorgeouis last night coming home from work......... sort of wanted to sit out in the car for an hour or so but really needed that glass of wine. ;)


Shared publicly - May 23 at 7:41pm
Tornado sirens going off in Moore, Oklahoma again...y'all pray for Mitchiepoo...!
Luv Mitch....but why the hell do people continue to live in tornado alley? My God if his house got it there'd be Christmas decorations in all the 50 states!!
We "Okie's" used to say it was safer than worrying 'bout earthquakes, however, now with "fracking"...well, T. Boone Pickens is full of crap saying they ain't responsible!

'Sides, you quit dat talkin' 'bout Mitch's Christmas ' almost made me wee wee in my britches!...wanna sit in Santa's lap? (giggles)
we had the sirens go off 2 times this late afternoon....and another 2.75 inches of rain....scary for sure with the tornado far this at my house...I have recorded 23.6 inches of rain....walking in my yard is impossible due to sinking...
Howdy house did get hit with an EF-3 tornado back on May 8th 2003 at 5:13pm....I lost 75% of my house...I lost about 2,000 bucks of Christmas stuff...been collecting Christmas stuff since I was age 8...I lost a lot of stuff that was not replaceable ...stuff given to me from my grand parents on both sides of the mom collected dolls...she had a lot of Christmas dolls....I was the care giver to my mom for 5 years after my dad passed...anyrate I lost all the Christmas dolls that See more
I knew you were hit in '03, Mitch -- but did not know how big was your loss. I meant no disrespect....I too am a collector and understand the emotional and real value of their loss. Hugs, my true friend. Be safe. n
May 24 at 11:46am
Oh problems....I knew you were just concerned...your just a beautiful being with a big heart!

Lots of love and sex to ya...

Dang, I thought this round was only going to be heavy rain? I hope y'all don't get any more twisters down your way, Clint and Mitch. And that Christmas decoration comment was priceless! lol
It behooves me that with all the flooding here, folks continue to tether their dogs on a chain out in the yard causing them to drown. Common sense seems to have gone awry...I dunno?
Hmmmpfffff. Bring the babies inside, put the people outside on the chains! The brain-deads belong outside anyway! :)
I know Mitchiepoo loves him some blowing, but tornados are a different sort. Be safe my man. Hugs and __________ [you know]
Yes, we know (grin).
We're projected to get "up to 8-inches" of rain here in Tulsa from this cell. I do believe it's trying to reach that goal within an hour right now!
Thanks for your prayers Clint....I was stuck in the closet again 2 times late this afternoon....yukky!

I am okay...still here!
Glad you're ok and all's well!! In you're neck of the woods, you're gonna have to keep an empty closet and move in a recliner, porto potty, and food rations!

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Jul 30 at 3:18pm
Hey There Guys.........Hope all is well

Love Ya



Jul 28 at 4:21pm


Jul 24 at 9:08am


Jul 11 at 8:39pm

Here is the Plumber to Call when you're up to your (where ever) in water


Jul 10 at 1:28pm


Jul 8 at 10:05am
Happy Anniversary Guys!


Jul 4 at 12:50am
Blessed Holiday, 4th of July!


Jul 3 at 11:40pm
We must pledge "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor"

to Establish, and to serve and protect and to "Form a Perfect Union." - of These United States of America

Enjoy and have a loving and respectful and Honorable Remembrance of this our 239th FOURTH OF JULY that is truly OUR OWN


Jul 3 at 8:50am


Jun 30 at 1:01am
Sweet summer ..