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Oct 5 at 9:34pm
Posted a blog ... Quick update on Jerry...


Shared publicly - Oct 2 at 5:29pm
Howdy! No time to catch up right now as I am overwhelmed with Jerry's needs. He is now on home Hospice (thanks Larry!) but the 24/7 tasks are exhausting...Hospice wants to disengage his defibulator at this point(?)...God give us strength & to God be the glory...

Hugs all around,

Clint, Jerry & poor wittle Amy who is beside herself (sigh).
Thanks for the update and my thoughts are with all of you through this rough time. Let Amy cuddle as much as's good for her, Jerry and you too. Hospice folks were wonderful for my father...and in hindsight the family too. Keep yourself well...hugs from me.
my thoughts and prayers come to you in this time I know how its it has only been almost 2 years sense my father passed and hospice helped a lot
I am so glad to hear that Hospice is finally there....... for the both of you! Please utilize them to the fullest my friend. Disconnecting the defib is a good idea..... keeping the pacemaker is okay at this point

HUGS and MORE HUGS my friend....
Oh Larry, it's sooo very sad. He hardly nibbles & fluid intake is minimal. He moans in pain, can't walk without assistance. He "finally" had a 'meltdown' yesterday, asked me to hug him which I do often, but this time he broke down crying, wailing...apologized for putting me through this & said he worried so much about what would happen to me when he's gone. I could hardly keep the tears at bay but told him I'd take good care of Amy & would see him soon in Heaven...oh dear, I can't continue See more
I do understand my dear friend........ but having the help will be so beneficial to the both of you..... You both are loved by so many. Always take that to heart and use it to give you the strength you need. I am here for you.... HUGS
use them my friend you need some time to relax as well they are there to help you
You're all in my thoughts (and in my Heart) . . . . . . Much Love, my Friend . . . . .
Clint there simply no words right now to comfort you....but it is important that you give Jerry permission to go....loved ones stay on for us. Be brave....he doesn't deserve to be in pain. I love you both -- you know that. Take comfort in he love being expressed here by your friends....and tell Jerry that we all send our love and hope he will look down on us with blessings. XO
My Prayers are with you both!
I am so sorry that this is on your plates. I know you both worry about the other one more than yourselves. Losing someone that close is not easy, but you know that Jerry (and Amy) need you to be strong. You are a good man Clint. I pray you know that and that you draw some strength from all these good men here and elsewhere that love you like I do. Please do not hesitate to drop me an email if I can help.


Shared publicly - Sep 11 at 3:07pm
"fuzzy1965" profile will be deleted soon if anyone wants to save his photo, etc. He followed a group of us here from 'OP' but died a little more than 3 years ago just 'bout a month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & starting treatment (sigh). He was a good young man with a gentle soul, worked as a Vet Tech.

Hugs Fuzzy...I know you & Steve (wise2it) finally are sharing 'eternity' with all your beloved critters...HEY!!!
I agree..... I do think there are a fair number of our comrades who are gathering each day to discuss those of us left behind. ;)
Yep...quite a bunch of ol' gossips (giggles) least sumpin to look forwards to ...probably aught'a take my "pooper-scooper"...?
snow shovel might be more appropriate in size....... ;)


Shared publicly - Sep 10 at 3:01pm
Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

~Maya Angelou~
beautiful thought.....
Seeing you here is the rainbow in my day. Love and hugs to all 3 of you!


Aug 26 at 6:32pm
Posted a blog ... update...

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catch this HUG quick....ok, here's another.

Just thinking of you.


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Sep 11 at 4:53am
Hi Darlin'. Hugs good wishes and prayers to you and the posse.


Sep 7 at 4:52pm
Thanks for your warm welcome and for adding me as a friend. I am sorry to read about the difficult time you are living through. I send my prayers for you and your family, that you will have the wisdom, strength and courage to do that which must be done and an outcome that is for the highest and best good for all.



Sep 7 at 4:29am
Happy Labor Day !!


Honor Labor means to HONOR the LABORER great and small, and His labors, every one, and all

And then break out the Hot Dogs, Potato Salads Sauerkraut, and Beer


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Sep 3 at 1:11am
Have a blessed holiday and Remember