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I'm here for one main reason, and it's because I want to share some of my writing and draw inspiration from other bloggers. If you're here- check my blogs page, most of my stuff is going to be there.

NOTE: if you're going to leave a profile comment, do so in good taste. You don't need GIFs or penises flopping around to get my attention. I pay attention to your written words. I have a massive collection of porn GIFs, write me something nice if you want to leave a comment. I'd really appreciate that.

I'm interested in unusual stories, extraordinary events, the unexplainable.

I don't hope, nor have expectations, as I've had profiles here before- but I'd appreciate not to be bothered for explicit pictures and things like that. I do understand this site is for that sort of thing, but it's just not usually interesting for me, sharing photos and what not. I hope that makes sense.

Ask me questions about the world, if I don't know- we can go on a journey together, make a discovery.

I want to be inspired by you.

I'm vegetarian.

Quasi-spiritual, and that is to say: when my sense of scientific intuition allows me to be.

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Jul 24 at 9:20pm
Posted a blog ... Smiling At The Moon


Jul 13 at 12:57pm
Posted a blog ... Pistachios


Jul 12 at 11:13pm
Posted a blog ... PB and Etymology


Shared publicly - Jul 11 at 8:13pm
Sometimes the hardest thing about learning is having to give up previous beliefs that you invested so much love and passion into.
That would be interesting to see you blog about
Jul 12 at 11:14pm
thank you for your suggestion.


Jul 11 at 3:57pm
Posted a blog ... One Existential Blog

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Jul 24 at 9:34pm
Emjoy your weekend :)


May 21 at 9:33am
HOT pics


May 21 at 3:22am
Well Hello :)


Apr 6 at 3:49pm
welcome aboard!


Mar 31 at 4:31am
Welcome to LifeOUT, you''ll have fun here, lots to see and do, and you'll meet some really great guys!