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I'm here for one main reason, and it's because I want to share some of my writing and draw inspiration from other bloggers. If you're here- check my blogs page, most of my stuff is going to be there.

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I'm interested in unusual stories, extraordinary events, the unexplainable.

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Shared publicly - Oct 3 at 2:37pm
I shouldn't be attacking people's responses in polls.

BUT y'all are making me feisty.

I don't know, I do it because I care. Lol
heart of gold you have
Oct 3 at 2:47pm
Well, thank you.
your so welcome
I cannot condone DRAMA on social media.

Incidentally, what are the specific polls *rubs hands together excitedly *?
Oct 4 at 12:44pm
The one about social media ruining gayness.
Oct 4 at 1:03pm
Oh yeah, ild people complaining about newfangled stuff ruining it from when they were 18 (i.e.: their peak).

The guy who wrote that masterpiece blocked me, so I won't be able to contribute my wisdom.
Oct 4 at 6:19pm
I'll have you know I peaked when I was 33. But my actual happiest time period was when I was 10 and 11. I think I'll go cry now. Waaaaaaah!
Oct 4 at 6:29pm
And there's a poll idea. When do you think you peaked? I might do it....
Someone right now is peaking, and 10 years from now they'll be wallowing in nostalgia for 2022 and writing a blog or poll about how the younger generation ruined it all.

The person is I, Zilla.

I will quote Dolly Parton: the older we get the better we were.
This may need to be the topic of my next poll …. 😏
Oct 4 at 12:44pm
Do it.


Shared publicly - Oct 2 at 2:38pm
If a sun is a star, then why is it round?

*re-invents flat sun theory*
Why is aground hog called A wood chuck ?

How much wood does a wood chuck chuck ,if a wood chuck could chuck wood ???

Beaver chuck wood ,but no limericks about them :)
how much hog would a ground chuck wood if a wood hog hog hog hog hog.
and the answer is...Chuck likes bacon.
Oct 2 at 10:14pm
Bacon is against my spiritual beliefs.
I once saw a porn star, but he wasn't star shaped.

Oct 3 at 4:17pm
Still praying for the pigs ?
Oct 3 at 4:35pm
It's b;pated up with gas and can't fart it out enough
Oct 2 at 10:15pm
The sun is made out of poop.
To confuse matters further, in astrology, the Sun is considered a planet. In astronomy, the Sun is considered a star. ☀️
Some Celestial Bodies look like Diamonds ….
"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky."
All fun and games until one 2 miles wide hits your backyard at 12 miles a second


Oct 1 at 1:13am
Posted a poll ... Rosebuds


Shared publicly - Oct 1 at 12:40am
In my closet there's no clothing to be found, instead I have a secret garden.
You'll need some beautiful clothes if you want to catch or keep a man.

I just want to be naked and live in a jungle, eternally lush and fruiting.
Oct 1 at 3:39pm
Ewww, with your loins and rosebud exposed!
Oct 1 at 3:47pm
Yes, I will drag my rosebud along the forest floor to mark my territory. Anyone who catches the scent will flee, because they don't want to see a rosebud.
Oct 1 at 4:59pm
You are The Filthiest Person Alive!

Oct 2 at 2:43pm
I'm like Divine, except I'm allergic to dog turds.

I eat my own scabs instead.
Come on out of the closet! ... trying to see if your palm is hairy ...
Oct 1 at 3:26pm
hairy palm??
From Google: "Despite the prevalent myth, masturbating doesn't cause you to grow hair on your palms" ...

Didn't notice any hair on your palms in your closet so Google must be right ...😜
Oct 2 at 2:44pm
Oh I was thinking for a moment that the only kind of palm was a plant palm, I forgot about hand palms.
Do you read palms? If so, that one says "Water me!" 😀
LMAO they like lots of water. I have to mist this bitch 3 times a day.
Oct 2 at 10:33am
I believe it's an areca palm, no? I had one and it required a lot of care. Well, mostly constant watering and misting like you said.

I ultimately went with something more low maintenance... a mother-in-law's tongue aka snake plant.
Yes, yes, it's one of the Madagascan palms. (ravenea rivularus) and it's in the areca family! It likes to stay evenly moist for sure. I keep them in the closet to get that humidity up from the other plants- if the roots of these guys get too dry they start to drop lower fronds
Snake plants are cool! They are really tough, and prefer having their roots close- so they rarely need any maintenance. They can go ages in just water. lol
Now I want a snake plant!
Oct 2 at 11:28pm
I had the pleasure of seeing a snake plant bloom. I honestly didn't know they bloomed, until mine did. It produced a long, upright stalk of honeysuckle-like flowers.

Like hoyas, the flowers are very fragrant at night.


Sep 25 at 7:11am
Posted a blog ... Unfun Fact #3

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Sep 9 at 9:36am
Just passing through to cheer up your day 😎


Jun 4 at 4:45am
morning already.....


May 30 at 10:03am
Sorry, Charlie - I'm taking your crown!

You're still a special unicorn, but I'm the specialerest.

Go forth and sin no more!



Apr 13 at 9:12pm
It's great to be your friend ...