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I'm here for one main reason, and it's because I want to share some of my writing and draw inspiration from other bloggers. If you're here- check my blogs page, most of my stuff is going to be there.

You may also leave me a nice profile comment.

I'm interested in unusual stories, extraordinary events, the unexplainable.

I don't have any hopes nor any expectations, as I've had profiles here before- but I'd appreciate not to be asked about explicit pictures or private pictures and things like that. I do understand this site is for that sort of thing, but it's just not usually interesting for me, sharing photos and what not, and take this to mean that they just aren't available.

I do weird things, a lot- and don't always relate well to what people's intentions are, but I'm happy to listen and share though I'll let you know now I'm not the best at staying in contact. I disappear a lot. I fall off the face of the Earth. There are a few reasons I do it, and it's mostly related to social energy levels. I just don't log in, or don't feel like writing, because when I am with people, and spending time with them I do in fact give them all of my effort and attention.

So, while I am here- I would like it to count for as much as possible.

Ask me questions about the world, if I don't know- we can go on a journey together, make a discovery.

Teach me.

I want to be inspired by you.

I'm vegetarian.

Quasi-spiritual, and that is to say: when my sense of scientific intuition allows me to reach beyond what I can measure, I do enjoy speculation.

I try to make things make sense, and I fail miserably.

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Shared publicly - May 19 at 5:13am
When once at the moon it howled, its conscience bore a hole through its heart.


Shared publicly - May 18 at 4:24pm
A man who hides from himself will not know that he is hidden.
OMFG, you show a bit of dick and you think you're Confucius?

So you are cock star.

Butt: I claim we're seldom if ever fully honest with our self, and it takes a bit of denial to riddle through life, life baby ...

More like Confused.

Thats deep buddy!


Shared publicly - May 16 at 6:41pm
Dude, fleshlights feel AWESOME

Look at them socks and toes.
May 16 at 7:40pm
Luv it buddy!!!! Take that cap off and show that sexy bald head!!
May 16 at 7:40pm
Take socks off to. Lol lol.. thanks for posting!
OMFZ, disgraceful!
May 16 at 8:49pm
Seth has his mouth back again and both of you seem...happy,
I'm happy- he seems happy as long as he has his cat and his electronics lol
Win for both...and you don't require electricity lol
is this the surpise you promised me :)
Yes, this was the surprise.
May 17 at 8:42pm
Sexy AF surprise!

May 17 at 10:14pm
yayyyy this is the best surprise all year....when do i get another one :)
May 17 at 10:47pm
When you least expect it - otherwise it ain't no surprise nohow, take a bow.
May 17 at 4:46am
You like to cum in it man?
May 17 at 10:30pm
can you show us so we can. see how you do it....then. we can take comparison notes Mister Hothairyhung....wow your name is longer then my hero 011
Nice animation, we finally get a glimpse of your cock!
May 19 at 4:11am
Thanks sweetheart


Shared publicly - May 16 at 10:41am
Vegan hotdog.


I might have a surprise for y'all later.

Oooh, did you get a new dog like the one in your profile picture?

I had a dream about Peach: the Dog last night. She was youthful and healthy again and ready to play fetch - which I didn't really like, but did it because I like making her happy.
Peachtwilla, the little baby milla zilla.
May 16 at 11:28am
She's the love of my life thus far.
So Im guessing Sethro is also vegan … 😏
May 16 at 11:30am
Sometimes. We aren't always vegan.

Sometimes we will eat an eggy.

BUT mostly only fruits and veggies.
May 16 at 11:34am
Oh …. Never mind , I guess I just misunderstood “Vegan Hotdog” … 😉
May 16 at 11:35am

Suck on my celery daddy
May 16 at 11:36am
Good Morning 🌻
May 16 at 12:18pm
Good morning!
May 17 at 12:15am
where is the damn surprise boy 011
May 16 at 12:50pm
afternoon Dev....my baseball hero for 2022 :)
yayyyy tj loves surprises
This one will knock you on your ass!

May 16 at 11:13pm
I can't deny it's squirtable!

I wish you knew how much the thing makes me laugh.
May 16 at 11:42pm
It made you laugh, and encouraged me to climax ... so it's served a variety of purposes.

Aside from your lovely cock, did you see the eclipse last night? It was too cloudy hereabouts.
May 16 at 11:53pm
It was going to be cloudy here too so I just went to bed and ignored it.
May 17 at 12:01am
I'm out and about right now, and even though it's clear, I can't see the moon ... now that's what I call a total eclipse!
May 17 at 12:13am
i wanna see....btw Zilla love the new profile picture :)
Thanks, it's available as poster suitable for framing and gifting to a loved one ... or loathed one.

Anywho, check out the latest status updates!

01123 ... shows off his delightful, sightful, eyeful of a delectable, electable, selectable cock!

Yes, please!


TBH, I'm usually not much on dicks, but this one is blowable!



May 15 at 1:29pm
Posted a blog ... ROE V. WADE

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Apr 13 at 9:12pm
It's great to be your friend ...


Mar 17 at 11:12am
Thanks for the add Sexy!


Mar 16 at 3:23pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day


Feb 12 at 9:40pm
Happy Valentine's Day


Feb 8 at 4:14pm
You are very welcome


Feb 3 at 10:40pm
Per your prompt on your introduction, here's a nice profile comment.



Jan 20 at 5:12pm
I'm in the mood for some of this & some of that... and I'm versatile too :)


Jan 1 at 1:33pm
Well I'm waiting for you hurry up! Ha... Enjoy your New Year’s Holiday Weekend :)


Dec 30 2021 at 2:11pm
A new year is like starting a new chapter in your life. It’s your chance to write an incredible story for yourself.

Happy New Year.


Dec 23 2021 at 1:21pm
Jolly holly-days to you and yours! ♫ Happy Holiday’s ♫