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I'm here for one main reason, and it's because I want to share some of my writing and draw inspiration from other bloggers. If you're here- check my blogs page, most of my stuff is going to be there.

NOTE: if you're going to leave a profile comment, do so in good taste. You don't need GIFs or penises flopping around to get my attention. I pay attention to your written words. I have a massive collection of porn GIFs, write me something nice if you want to leave a comment. I'd really appreciate that.

** You sent me porn flopping GIFS anyway, I see you there, and I accept you anyway. Life is too short. I appreciate you. **

I'm interested in unusual stories, extraordinary events, the unexplainable.

I don't hope, nor have expectations, as I've had profiles here before- but I'd appreciate not to be bothered for explicit pictures and things like that. I do understand this site is for that sort of thing, but it's just not usually interesting for me, sharing photos and what not. I hope that makes sense.

Đ¢here will be evolution here, and I won't attempt to hide my past. Nudes are available, but man- I don't like unlocking them- they're mainly there just so I don't have to have them on my phone guys. In case I die and someone has to go through my phone. I think I've unlocked for one of two people my whole time here- and it's because I had questions about some of what I posted.

I do weird things, a lot- and don't always relate well to what people's intentions are, but I'm happy to listen and share though I'll let you know now I'm not the best at staying in contact. I disappear a lot. I fall off the face of the Earth. There are a few reasons I do it, and it's mostly related to social energy levels. I just don't log in, or don't feel like writing, because when I am with people, and spending time with them I do in fact give them all of my effort and attention.

So, while I am here- I would like it to count for as much as possible.

Ask me questions about the world, if I don't know- we can go on a journey together, make a discovery.

Teach me.

I want to be inspired by you.

I'm vegetarian.

I don't judge you, even though I think you're wrong. We're all sick, messed up and complicated in different ways. I do in fact think it's ethically incorrect to kill animals for food. I'm not interested in changing anyone's point of view on that, but when asked- my point of view is that it's cruel.

I think no less of someone for it, because I am equally if not more flawed in my own ways. So, I have a unique sort of non-judging point of view when it comes to people eating animals.

I also think it's disgusting. Why I would want to eat dead bodies, or the excretions from an animal's nipples is beyond me. Not interested.

I find the idea frightening, and likened to eating someone's boogers.

I suppose I am kind of judging, not sure why people eat that.

*Shrugs* I'm glad you like it.

Quasi-spiritual, and that is to say: when my sense of scientific intuition allows me to be.

To explain that better= I've only experienced what I've experienced and I'm not so sure this is much of a separation between belief and knowledge, and if there is, what makes that difference.

I try to make things make sense, and I fail miserably.

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Nature's Commandment:

A species must go extinct or summarily evolve into a crab.

I don't make the rules.
*chuckles* Carcinization has turned into a joke. The human mind is certainly creative.


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