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I am a single solitary lone male and always have been. The solitary masturbating of my fuckpole is my one and only sexual outlet. The build-up of sexual tension, sexual pressure, I experience is unbelievable. Hours of edging every day is how I retain my sanity. I spend hours edging! My fuckpole has never been used as a fuckpole!!!

I have joined LifeOUT hoping to find as many guys here as possible who will allow me to come off while we're chatting! I think that will help alleviate my sexual frustration.

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EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height5' 10"
Weight225 lbs
ChildrenI do not want kids


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Nov 16 at 12:18pm
Updated profile.


Shared publicly - Nov 16 at 11:20am
Being single and alone, my only sexual relief is masturbating my own fuckpole.
Welcome to the club...


Shared publicly - Nov 3 at 12:13pm
There is only one thing I can say at this point: MY MASTURBATION! MY MASTURBATION!
Nov 3 at 11:04pm


Shared publicly - Oct 3 at 10:51am
Masturbation is my sex life
Oct 3 at 10:59am
With this virus scare it has become mine also .
Oct 3 at 6:45pm
I enJOy cam more than in the past....


Shared publicly - Oct 1 at 3:14pm
I want to describe to as many guys here on LifeOUT as possible exactly how I, as a single solitary lone male, release my seed. If you are willing to let me describe to you exactly how I release my seed, please send me a message and I will send one back, describing to you exactly how this single solitary lone male releases his seed.

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Oct 3 at 4:08pm
Thanks for being a friend!


Oct 2 at 7:38pm
Hi and thanks for dropping by today



Aug 27 at 4:12pm
Thanks for all the likes, nice comments and...


Jul 26 at 9:33pm
Thanks for stopping by sexy. You've got me standing at attention~Ryan


Jul 26 at 9:33pm
Thanks for stopping by sexy. You've got me standing at attention~Ryan