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Hi! I'm A.J.

Single, working class guy... I enjoy good beer, good conversation as well as fun times. I'm looking for some friends, somebody to talk to and maybe be promiscuous!

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Here forDating, Friends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 6"
Weight189 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationSecret Agent


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Shared publicly - May 8 at 5:27pm
Yeah! Planet Earth is going through changes... It's called puberty!


Apr 17 at 1:11pm
Posted a blog ... 40


Mar 13 at 8:24am
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Feb 28 at 10:38am
Huh, I wonder what the future of this site will bring... Now that they deleted the premium membership package.
Given that LO publicly admitted 2-years ago that their income is 99.44% from the side bar advertisements, the site likely will continue in the same "______ direction" (fill in the blank) as it is going now, or will next go by "Fate (or Faith) Alone."

So beware, Oh LO, the whims of the Greek Phorcides "the three grey witches" or as the Romans called them the Parcae, the three old sisters of Fate. They shared one eye and one tooth, which they took turns using, while rolling their dice to decide our
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Not to rag on the site but, I believe that the invention of smartphones put a hurting on this place.
Apr 17 at 6:19pm
In many ways, yes.


Feb 28 at 9:29am
Updated profile.

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Feb 6 at 12:47am


Jan 13 at 5:29am
love your hot pics


Jan 13 at 1:27am
Typo correction time...

"Glad to have met you, though in a weird way, but..."

Oy... what can I say but that old stone mason fingers are too big for modern PC and iPads keyboards


Jan 13 at 1:24am
Always remember who builds the things that stand strong... even if they eventually al fall down anyway. -

Glad to have meant you, though in a wierd way, but with a good outcome for you and for civility.

AL - -

aka - - another A.J.

(PS: pic #4 is one of my restoration jobs :-)