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Hello, and thank you for visiting! We at LifeOUT are here in hopes of creating a premier gay-oriented social network. We hope to create the best site possible, all while remaining completely and totally free. However, none of this can be done without you, our members. So, please, if you ever have questions, comments or concerns, let us know! We're always looking for ways to make this site better.

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Shared publicly - Aug 1 2017 at 5:14am
We've made a small change to videos on the site. Previously we only processed videos at least 1 minute in length. Per popular demand, we've reduced this minimum limit to 30 seconds. So if you previously tried uploading a video < 60 seconds in length, go try again! Thanks!


Shared publicly - Jan 29 2017 at 8:48am
We're currently working to integrate a new video chatroom. For anyone interested, please feel free to try it out.

Please note, this is a very early stage demo, and we expect there to be substantial bugs in the software, so please don't be too frustrated with it.
Jan 29 2017 at 10:30am
Notice when I went there: "you browser does not support" whatever's system you're using. :-(
Jan 30 2017 at 5:34am
Can you please click "Help" from the main menu and send us a quick message? This will allow us to see what browser and browser version you are using so we can see if we are able to support your browser. Thanks!


Shared publicly - Jan 9 2017 at 5:38am
Many have asked about the removal of our chatrooms.

As is explained on that chat page, we were informed of security holes in the chat software essentially forcing us to shut down the chat service as quickly as possible. The chat software was based on Adobe Flash and hadn't been updated since 2014. As anyone in the software industry knows, that much time over the life of Adobe Flash has shown how very insecure it is. In an effort to protect our members security, we were forced to make this move.
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Oh, and you just discovered this or do you not have anyone working in IT? Don't you think we should receive free access until this is fixed?
We were just informed by our vendor about this. We were unaware of any problem until a few days ago. As we explained to you when you contacted our support, we are working to resolve the issue. If you don't like that, I'm not sure what to tell you.
Chrome is no longer supporting Adobe and Frrefox is catching up. I understand this will now be hptt5 but when will this be sent to us? I've been intending to call Microsoft but keep forgetting to.


Shared publicly - May 15 2016 at 5:43pm
LifeOUT wants your feedback to help shape the future of our products. Take our quick poll! We appreciate your help! :)


May 15 2016 at 5:40pm

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Mar 17 at 8:37pm
Be careful when you’re walking in the Enchanted Forests today,

Or those little fellows, so lucky and spry, could with ye, Have their Way

For those little green guys, of ancient lore, so everyone does say

Are like as ever to be completely,

..........Irish, and Horny, and GAY !

(even Kermit….

He never did want miss Piggy you know)


Mar 9 at 3:13am
Hello life out, just wanted to say that come this 13 March 2018 I will be on lifeout for 11 years already.

and I seen some changes that are good, I see some people come and go on here, and I will tell you that it is a good site and meeting good people around the globe, with a few shady people here and there. But all in all it all good.

And will continue to hang out in life out. Have a awsome week lad. Cheers


Dec 31 2017 at 9:09pm
Happy New Year, 2018?

OK, challenge Accepted.

Now, lets Hit the warm LA/SD California Surf, so you can thaw out .HAPPY NEW YEAR


Dec 31 2017 at 9:29am
Happy New Year My Friend.May the BEST of your past, be the worst of your future.


Dec 24 2017 at 9:17am
Have an ideal Christmas — an occasion that is celebrated as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.


Dec 22 2017 at 1:34am
I’d like to celebrate LifeOUT’s Christmas past and present this year; the magic we used to create on these pages, and share, so many who mastered the craft are gone; and now, many still here have mastered the blogs and other pages too.

Brightest Blessings to LifeOUT and Staff, Members and all my good LO friends.


Nov 23 2017 at 1:45am
“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” ... William Blake a Blessed and Happy thanksgiving


Nov 21 2017 at 2:17pm
Gobble Gobble til you wobble wobble! Have a wonderful and festive Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Oct 29 2017 at 1:58am
Satan's trains through raging infernos, and Cracks in the Beach rocks down to hell,

Ghost trains in your mind bound to Nowhere, and lights appearing from where no one can tell,

All Hallows Eve, lost souls fly through the night

Like Zombies as the drivers of those trains of death's fright.

May you truly enjoy each fright in the night, It's Halloween, and that's when what's scary is right


Oct 28 2017 at 5:54pm
Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,

All are on their rounds tonight;

In the wan moon's silver ray,

Thrives their helter-skelter play.