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I'm very glad to be back on LifeOUT. I was here previously for 10 years as "icumoveru". Stop by and say HI. Trying to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

Just plodding my way through life and hoping for a few good times along the way.

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Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height5' 11"
Weight173 lbs
EducationHigh school
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationMostly retired


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May 15 at 10:33am
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May 9 at 1:00pm
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May 7 at 3:14pm
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Shared publicly - May 7 at 6:43am
Enjoy your Friday, guys!
Happy Friday to you. Where were you in pic #3?
May 7 at 10:22am
Hoffmaster S. P.
Thanks , you too buddy


May 5 at 6:31am
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Mar 23 at 10:15am
Roses are red

Violets are blue

It is Testicle Tuesday


Let's play with balls.


Feb 28 at 7:22am
I had such a great time this morning at your place. Really hot stuff. Didn't make it through all your vids yet so will def have to cum back. Thanks for sharing my friend!


Jan 28 at 8:06pm
If the cook, at first, can't fuckin' fricassee, then Make him COOK some other way - - -


Jan 26 at 2:55pm
Hello... Just Passing Through :)


Jan 17 at 5:42am
Wishing you the best in the 2021 New Year :)


Dec 25 2020 at 4:19am
It’s Christmas. And, yes, it’s really about the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas.

Before the Choo Choo Train Toys, before Santa Claus (and FedX and UPS) and before seasonal transcontinental Family Gatherings to celebrate, before all that,

FIRST, God’s Gift to us: Jesus the Christ Immanuel, “God with us on Earth”: to Forgive us for ALL our inevitable big and little sins, to teach us to accept and forgive all others Without Prejudice as He Will do, if we but try honestly to follow Him, to live honestly and love others, and Believe with Faith in His Promise to forgive us.

But God with us on earth? Had to start as birth as we all do with a mommy, Mary. She saw the honor it brought her, but Did Mary realize the full essence? ... really?

Musically, this is the author’s own original recording of “ Mary Did You Know?” - - -

Merry Christmas -