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If I were drowning in a sea of men,would I be saved,since I don't know how to swim? --- HEY GUYS NONE OF US ARE GETTING ANY YOUNGER --- I'm hoping to find my special man before I get too old to enjoy him . ANYONE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED AND WOULD BE ABLE TO RELOCATE TO DANVILLE , KY. --- PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE . I greatly appreciate all of you who message saying wish we were closer at hand and all BUT that physically does me no good as you can't be here with me. With what little Family and with all my many friends here plus my owned paid for home being here , it would be hard for me to move. If one has a condo somewhere and would be willing to spend May to Jan here , I'd be willing to go to the condo the other months especially if its in a warmer climate than Ky. And if you are a republican , there is NO need for you to read any further as I would Never be able to live with one. For the life of me I will Never understand how any Gay man could be a repub with how they are so against everything that we are and stand for.

Looking for a husband/ life partner, Someone to spend and share the rest of my life with. Retired now so got the time to search .--- Wanting someone who is loving, caring , respectful, religious at least will to go to a Gay Church , truthful, honest, d/d free, non smoker, non alcoholic , non bi-polar --- sorry but I have tried dealing with some before , no gay hang-ups , knows what you want and is willing to work with someone to achieve it, willing to compromise , hates arguing , willing to talk differences out without shouting and fighting, someone who is 90% top 10 % bottom or a total top and is still able to keep it up and use it to make it squirt, someone who wants Total Monogamy as I want to be able to have spontaneous sex anywhere anytime anyplace we get the urge and not have to worry if we have condoms or not --- I want that binding trust , someone who likes pets BUT like me at the point in life you don't want anymore - I'm a compromiser here, someone who likes and wants to travel , someone who likes singing, dancing, tv snuggling. movie watching cuddling, playing cards and board games with friends & family, and just being home alone together .

Nice Guy here looking for a Hairy Chested Manly Man Nice Guy for dating and more. Looking for any legal age hairy chested [the hairier the better]White--Latino--Mediterranean type---Arabic type guys for friend/sex-buddies or someone closer to my own age [ 45 - 75 ]for a TOTALLY MONOGAMOUS live-in relationship. I'm not into open relationships. To me that's being nothing more than live-in sex-buddies [ to each his own ] I want true commitment . A relationship where we can be spontaneous and not have to worry if one of us has a condom or not. I feel the more a couple has in common and is able to share together the better the chances for staying together. I know we aren't going to like all the same things or the same people as friends but that's where respect , toleration and consideration and compromising comes in. I own my own home and I'm able to take care of myself --- willing to share my house but you must be financially able to support yourself. I'm not a sugar daddy by any means.

I just want someone to love, be loved by and to make love with and hopefully spend the rest of my life with.

I'm a nudist so love being naked anywhere, anytime, anyplace I can get away with it.

Hey Guys --- if you have a Hairy Chest [doesn't matter how much] or a Hairy Back, Ass, Arms or Legs ---PLEASE make me aware so I can add you to my Favorites List = Hairy Hunks !!!---Thanks

Hey Guys---PLEASE HELP ME OUT ---I'm trying to get back my 870 + Friends and my 6,700 + Favorites = Hairy Hunks that I lost when my " LoveHairyChestedGuys " profile somehow got deleted .

If you were on my Friends list then and don't see yourself there now---PLEASE---let me know so I can add you back---AND--- if you were on my Favorites list = Hairy Hunks and you don't see yourself back on there now---PLEASE---let me know so I can add you back.

Many thanks---Chuck

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Into Guys20 to 73
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height6' 0"
Weight225 lbs
ReligionChristian - other
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me


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Shared publicly - May 25 at 7:56pm
For the life of me I cannot understand why all my videos are being posted up side down

My pictures aren't

I'm doing everything like I always have before.

Anyone else having this problem ?
May 25 at 9:34pm
Are you using a camera or a phone? If it's a phone, try turning it 180° from the way you usually do it.


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May 24 at 1:17pm
Good Afternoon 🌻

May 24 at 4:00pm
Beautiful flower arrangements!


May 23 at 6:44pm
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May 24 at 12:30am
Well Hello :)


May 12 at 3:28pm
Thanks for all the likes and comments


Apr 12 at 10:53pm
He Is Risen -

Happy Easter - - Alithos Anesti ("Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! " - "Truly He is Risen!

(and, the Chocolate bunnies are here.... but now without even one little ear :-(



Apr 6 at 11:26am
Dad can I use the car? I'll do anything... anything you want me to do... anything at all :)


Jan 1 at 10:52am
Cum on you know you want it, stop beating around the bush and bend over... or open your mouth either way it's going in and your gonna fucken love it :)


Dec 3 2019 at 11:25am
Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and you know what would be even better? If you was here to really show your appreciation and thankfulness by gobbling and stuffing our naked body's together and having a real good feast on each other now wouldn't that be real delicious...Happy Thanksgiving my Good Friend :)


Nov 28 2019 at 11:11am
Love your trees! quite beautiful! and your nativity scene is equally beautiful!

As for your pictures, it's too bad you're so shy and don't reveal the real you! Loved all of them!

Now have a happy thanksgiving