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Hi guys! My name is Rick. However, I prefer to be called a faggot whore, a faggot cocksucker, a faggot fuck hole, a faggot cum dumpster, or a faggot sex slave. I'm addicted to cum, so I swallow and I like being fucked bareback.

I'm always looking for straight, gay, or bisexual men who need a faggot like me to satisfy all their sexual needs. I love being used, abused, tied up, handcuffed, blindfolded, tortured, humiliated, and raped. I'm a nudist and an exhibitionist, so I love sucking cock and getting fucked in front of a camera or a live audience. I'm into a wide variety of kinky fetishes, plus I'm always ready to try new things even if it's something that's totally weird and bizarre. Nothing is too extreme for my warped and twisted mind!

I'm 6' 5"tall, my weight averages 170 pounds, I've got dark brown eyes, and my worthless pierced dick measures almost 7 inches. I've been a smooth faggot since 2015 with a shaved head and a shaved crotch. Sometimes I also shave my chest, arms, pits, and fuck hole. The only hair I really have left is my beard, and an extremely long and bushy mustache that I sometimes curl into handlebars.

My mustache has always been my faggot whore "trademark" that has attracted a lot of attention ever since I was a teenager. I guess it makes me look more like a 1970's porn star, and most guys seem to like the way it "tickles" their cock when I've got my face buried between their legs. Plus, it works as a really good "cum catcher" for any sperm that drips out of my mouth.

I have 15 body piercings (Ampallang, Apadrayva, 0 gauge PA, 8 barbells in my frenum ladder, both nipples, and both ears), and two tattoos (I want lots more of both). If I had the money I'd probably have my entire body covered in ink, including my dick.

I'm into extreme vacuum pumping, so my junk is usually the size of a deformed football. When I'm out in public, the huge bulge in my crotch also attracts a lot of attention. I'm constantly being asked by people to show them my pierced dick and my pumped balls because most of them have never seen anything like it in person. Since I'm always looking for an excuse to get naked, I'm more than happy to drop my pants and put it on display.

I'm an expert cocksucker, and I've been giving blowjobs since I was 12 years old. I honestly don't care what a guy looks like, how old he is (as long as he's legal), how much he weighs, or what the size of his cock is. I will suck off ANYBODY and EVERYBODY! I've sucked off friends, relatives, co-workers, and thousands of complete strangers. I'm just obsessed with sucking cock and swallowing cum. I had all my teeth pulled out on purpose in 2010 just to make me a better cocksucker. The biggest cock I've ever had the privilege to deep throat was 11 inches long, and I'd love the opportunity to break that record!

If you asked me how many men have had their hard cocks in my mouth or my fuck hole, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you. I honestly don't even know the exact number myself, but since I've been a whore for over 45 years years and I've always tried to meet my quota of at least 50 cocks and loads of cum every week, I'll let you do the math.

I love getting fan mail, and I will respond to every letter I get. Ask me anything you want to know about my life as a faggot whore because I'm not bashful about it. Feel free to verbally abuse me in your letters also. Call me a fag, a queer, a homo, a pervert, a cocksucker, a slut, a whore, a bitch, and any other dirty. filthy names you can think of. Treat me like a dog, and I'll be your friend for life!

I'm always searching for more and more men who need a faggot whore like me to fuck, so I've got profiles, and xxx-rated photos and videos of myself posted on dozens of gay porn and hook-up websites all over the internet. So in the process of doing that, I've collected millions of fans, followers, and admirers from all over the world too. I've always wanted to be a professional gay porn star, so I guess being an amateur exhibitionist is the next best thing.

Since a lot of the kinky fetishes I'm into are extremely expensive, I can't afford to pursue a lot of them as much as I'd like to. So if any of my fans and followers would like to help me get more body piercings, more ink, more bondage equipment and sex toys, larger vacuum pumps, or possibly even some silicone injections in my junk, please contact me about making a donation. All of the above might even help me become a more famous amateur porn star on the internet, which would also benefit my fans and followers who tell me that they love to jack off while they look at my photos or watch my videos.

Things that really turn me on are (in no particular order):


* Bondage

* Rope, duct tape, chains and padlocks

* Handcuffs, ball gags, and blindfolds

* Slavery

* Dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators

* Latex and leather

* Body piercings

* Tattoos

* Vacuum pumping

* Ball stretching

* Body modification (I love the really extreme mods!)

* Saline and silicone injections

* Amputees

* Cock and ball torture

* Oral sex (I always swallow)

* Anal sex (I love it bareback)

* Extremely hairy Bears

* Beards and mustaches

* Nerdy guys who wear glasses

* Twinks

* Bikers and truck drivers

* Shaving

* Public sex and nudity

* Amateur porn movies (Ask me about my videos on xHamster)

* Exhibitionism

* 3-somes, 4-somes, and orgies

* Fisting

* Huge cocks and low hanging balls

* Interracial sex (I absolutely LOVE horse-hung Superior Black Men)

* Verbal abuse and humiliation

* Rape fantasies

* Anything totally taboo

* 420 Friendly

If I left anything out, just ask because I'm always open to new ideas and fantasies! As the old saying goes, I'll try anything once and the fun things twice! All I think about 24 hours a day is COCK, CUM, and SEX!!!

I just took the BDSM Quiz, and here's the results:

Degradation 100%

Submissive 100%

Experimental 100%

Exhibitionist / Voyeur 100%

Masochist 89%

Bondage 100%

Switch 20%

Sadist 39%

Vanilla 11%

Dominant 0%

Basic Information

Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height6' 5"
Weight170 lbs
EducationHigh school
ChildrenI do not want kids
OccupationFaggot Whore Cum Dumpster


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Shared publicly - Jun 18 at 2:03pm
Wow! I must be the most famous faggot on the planet! I just Googled the words "I'm a faggot cocksucker", and a video of me sucking cock on xHamster was the very first thing that popped up in the search results! Could some of the rest of you try to search the same phrase and see if you also get me as the number one faggot cocksucker on Google?
well, I'll be damned...
Jun 18 at 10:52pm
Yeah, I figured that out too when I went to Google images and saw a bunch of xxx-rated photos of me. I've always wanted to be a professional gay porn star, so I guess Google is giving me free publicity. LOL


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