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Hi There ,I am a Nudist ,Open and Honest, no Private Pics , 63 Years Old ,,Though been Told By many I dont look my age ? I Say Yes I do ,This is the way any healthy 60s year old looks that takes care of his health that uses Rogaine and hair dye LOL ,I Like being a Creepy Dirty Minded Old Perv HeHe Not That's Always a Bad Thing ? I am a Health Nut Gym Rat ,Clean Living I guess ? ,No Drama or BS here,((ONLY here for Pleasant ONLINE company and good conversation ,not interested in Hookups )) I Love High Tech Electronics Computer Geek -Favorite Pass Time is Working out in the GYM and Playing Battlefield 1 + Unreal Tournament 3 online PC video war games I Game with my online friends most nights for a couple of hours / Watching Good Action Sci Fi ,Love ReacTj ReacTable Trance music ,and Horror movies on my Samsung Smart 55" HDTV ..My TV is My Computer Monitor as well :-)

FaceBook: Billy Crutchfield

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Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height6' 0"
Weight218 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationRetired Business Owner Auto Mechanic ,Tech consultant


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Shared publicly - Aug 22 at 11:55am
Good Almost Afternoon my Friends ,It's 11:47 am here up and at it doing my wake up routine of coffee watching the weather channel ,reading posts and blogs and messages here . Today I have an office visit to recertify renewing my rental agreement for another year . My Appointment is at 2:00pm It will not take over 30 minutes ? All I got to do is sigh a bunch of paperwork agreeing to their terms of rental LOL no big deal I have done this every year for the last 7 I have lived here .No Plans See more


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 11:43pm
Goodnight My Friends a bit more TV then Yes Im done Sweet Dreams


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 8:10pm
I took these images today of the eclipse this is why I was disappointed not much of an eclipse
They look fine to me Frank.
Aug 21 at 9:08pm
Thanks I was just looking for more of a moon shot blocking the sun
Here in our area the local TV ppl were in Twin Falls, ID and got the kind of picture's you hoped to get. Search for and you might get to see them!
Right after Mr. Ego is finished PBS is airing Nova about the eclipse. Maybe it's on in your area?
Maybe you'll have better luck in April, 2024?


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 12:30pm
Good afternoon my Friends ,Getting ready to go to my Brothers house to watch the Solar Eclipse .

Here in Eastern Tennessee we will have a 97% Eclipse at 2:30pm that will start at 1:04 pm and Last Til around 4pm . I am going to take Pics . Hoping everyone enjoys there day
Im in Kentucky and could care less about
Hum The Skies were Clear an hour ago but now they're starting to cloud up :-(
Extreme western Kentucky is in the direct path of it... Traffic is backed up on the interstate for miles and miles . south bound.. You couldn't pay me to get into that mess...
Less than 90% here in southeast Ohio. The peak was about an hour ago. The sky was noticeably overcast. That's about it.
Aug 21 at 3:57pm
Yea Same here I was very Disappointed ? It Dimmed down here by about 30% It cleared up no clouds but looked like a cloudy day for a couple of minutes .

When I was 14 years old in 1968 The Eclipse was total It was as Dark as Midnight Street Lights on Cars running headlights for about 5 minutes
it sucked as only had 58% here in Ottawa
Aug 21 at 4:16pm
Yea Here Too .I was very Disappointed
speaking of
we were so lucky. Rained this morning.....cloudy....then they went away and the eclipse started and we saw the whole thing in totality from our patio. It was amazing. the neighbors whooped and clapped when it went dark. The ring was unbelievable. Loved it. Now it is pouring again. Can't believe that it stopped just for us.
I am Happy you were at the Right Location ? It sucked here just barely got dark for a couple of minutes


Shared publicly - Aug 21 at 12:41am
Just Watched this U Tube Video . This is one of the many Reasons I am not Reledgous
Religion is in the heart....when I was volunteering in hospice there was no question about a greater power, strength whatever name....but organized religion, no.
I Agree with you on that one my Friend

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Aug 19 at 6:21am
It is the weekend! You know what means? That means that two days are going to go by so quickly that you will think it was one day. Well, make that one day, err, two days happy, fun, and relaxing.

Have a great weekend!


Aug 18 at 11:20am
Thanks for the B-day wishes, it was a nice quiet day, here in bum fuck Egypt! LOL


Aug 13 at 3:53pm
Happy New Start to a New Week ( Billy )


Aug 9 at 2:28pm
Hump Day Delight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 1 at 4:27pm
Thank you for the add as well as the comments. My dog(s) are/were cuter than I am.


Jul 29 at 3:21am
Have a great weekend, Frank!!!


Jul 23 at 4:54pm
I Hope You're Having a Sweet Billy Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 4 at 5:49pm


Jul 2 at 8:36pm
hpy Independence day


Jul 2 at 5:32pm
Billy I you have Fun also silly , But Happy Lingering Fourth Of July Week,