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Into Guys21 to 50
Here forDating, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeMore to love
Height5' 7"
Weight245 lbs
OccupationTelevision Production Assistant


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Shared publicly - Sep 23 at 2:59pm
Fresh cut and feeling good. Now if I could just get fucked.


Shared publicly - Sep 21 at 8:26pm
Thinking of doing something different with my hair. Maybe even a perm, not an high tall perm but something tight and close to the scalp. Pic of what my hair looks like this evening. Do you all think I would look good with curly hair?
Sep 21 at 8:41pm
You are so fucking sexy
Sep 21 at 8:42pm
making me blush
Sep 21 at 11:29pm
Your hair looks good. I don't know about a perm. Is a perm and curly hair different?
A perm would be tight curls. Curly hair would be looser curls.
Sep 21 at 11:33pm
That's what I thought. Can you get loose curls and not itght?
possibly. I need to find a stylist here in Charlotte to see what can be done.


Shared publicly - Sep 19 at 5:25pm
Just had a guy tell me that if I wanted to be used by him I would have to shave my head. I refuse to do that.
Sep 20 at 9:17am
Obviously his loss, not yours!


Shared publicly - Sep 14 at 1:10pm
What looks better? The toothy smile (top teeth is a denture) or closed mouth smile.
Toothy smile is great.
Even though it is a denture?
Absolutely. I looks natural to me. You have no need to feel sensitive about your perfect smile.
I would not have known you have dentrues.
All three look good, but it looks like you are not comfortable with your smile.

I can relate as I look best in pictures when not smiling.
Definitely not used to sharing.my new smile. I feel self conscious about it especially in public if the denture starts to slip.
Again, I would not have known. Do your dentures slip on you when smiling?

If so, do they need an adjustment?
They do slip on occasion yes. The problem is that the dentist who made them has to have them almost a week for the adjustments to be made because they have to send them to a lab. I will not have the top teeth during that time which will make me sound horrible.


Shared publicly - Sep 11 at 1:26am
The way my face should be all the time in public

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