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Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionTop / Giver
EthnicityBlack / African
Body typeAverage
Height6' 2"
Weight250 lbs
EducationCollege graduate
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationThats none of your business until we get to know each other


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Shared publicly - May 4 at 10:38pm
*Exasperated sigh* It has started again, i'm not up for it and I said so. Hopefully my wish will be respected
May 5 at 9:24am
Whats wrong buddy? Hope all is well


Shared publicly - Apr 9 at 9:32pm
I'm coming to accept that i'm a Bear


Shared publicly - Apr 9 at 1:25am
Does anyone else get turned on by their own natural scent?
Apr 9 at 6:44pm
The most wonderful aroma is my own scent! But the natural scent of any man is also a major turn on!


Shared publicly - Apr 6 at 9:43pm
I'm so sick of this one guy that keeps creating pages and coming to mine to block me. Dude I don't go to your page and we're not friends but you feel the need to come to my page and block me for no reason. Do me a favor and stay the fuck off my page period. If you create another page don't come to mine to block me. Just leave me the fuck alone. I have no interest in talking to you, knowing you or even being friends with you. If you're DL and worried that i'm gonna say something because we're See more
he should be banned for doing what he does all the time Ben
I just wanted to be left alone. He doesn't even have to come to my page to block me. Just create your page, do you and leave me the hell alone. Trust me i'm not gonna come to your page not even for all the gold in Fort Knox
Apr 7 at 12:28am
Wow if your that paranoid about someone finding out then he shouldnt be on a site like this.just ignore him no reason to waste your energy on this
Apr 7 at 12:40am
I have but it gets to be annoying after the 15th time of this guy doing it. Why not just don't even come to my page because it's not like i'm even searching for him
You don't even have to mention names...I know EXACTLY who you are talking about. I have reported him, but it does no good. He keeps popping up.
Apr 7 at 2:24pm
I'm not the type of guy to mention names but he needs to stop popping up on my page


Sep 28 2019 at 3:47pm
Updated profile.

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Apr 23 at 11:27pm
Thanks for the comment


Feb 12 at 9:31pm
Stopping by to give you