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Laid back kinda chill guy down to earth and like meeting new people i respond to all messages unless i ain't on but i do try anyways stay at home hubby for now thinking about rejoining ..but like it at home love cleaning cooking and all the house work blame the compulsive disorder lol hit me up if you wanna chat ?

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StatusIn a relationship
Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityLatino / Hispanic
Body typeAverage
Height5' 7"
Weight176 lbs
EducationHigh school
ReligionChristian - other
ChildrenSome day
OccupationA Caretaker full time and stay at home hubby


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Oct 1 at 10:53pm
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Shared publicly - Sep 27 at 3:26pm
How do you know when you have a kidney stone fixin to pass or however things just keep adding on ...smh πŸ™„
Sep 27 at 4:00pm
The pain will resolve. Are you in pain now?

You can go to the ER. The last time I did, they said my stones had passed (?) by the time I reached the ER, but I did not pee.
Sep 27 at 4:02pm
I think my dissolved.
Sep 27 at 4:03pm
Yeah but when I looked up that's all I have is pain no other shit maybe I need to go lol ugh trying to get insite from someone to determine hate Drs
Sep 27 at 4:05pm
Is your pain in your side, and how severe is it? Why do you feel it is kidney stones?
Sep 27 at 4:07pm
Is it an alarming flank pain?
Hurts only breathing laughing coughing walking someone said too Me the it could be so researching but it is in the lower left side of back wrapping to the side
I've had them and it's a gnawing to intense stabbing pain in your mid to lower back on one side. You can also feel the pain radiating to your anus or testicles (I guess the way the nerves run). You also get nauseous and sometimes vomit as a result of the pain. Your abdomen might even hurt. I'm not a doctor and it's different for everyone, but if you suspect that you have a kidney stone, go see a urologist. Kidney stones can be serious and cause renal failure.
Yeah I don't have most symptoms that sounds horrible scares me hate Drs they always say no but oh you got this going on though
It's a miserable experience. The last one I had, I'd sit on the edge of the bed and sob. They had to put me on hardcore pain pills and I stayed at a friend's house for a week.
Sep 27 at 4:32pm
I was in a restaurant and felt this pain in my side - that's all. I didn't wait for my entre to arrive and knew I had to go to the ER. I had pain in the ER, and they did their exam and confirmed stones -then the pain subsided. They said the stones had passed, but I don't recall peeing. Maybe I did pee.
well im sure you didnt pass them out your
if feels like your dick is going to blow up..Get you a strainer to pee in ..Drinks tons of water and liquids... Hope it passes but you might have to go to Ed and get something for pain or maybe surg....


Shared publicly - Sep 25 at 2:09am
i need some good D to get me back on track, and get me out this funk i am in but it has to be good make me forget my problems lol
I have just what you need….
How about a good mouth?
I volunteer πŸ₯°
Sep 25 at 4:45pm
wish I could be there to help you out you are so hot n sexy


Shared publicly - Sep 19 at 12:11pm
Heading to San Antonio for a bit not sure how long need some much needed me time so a break is in order ..
Sure would of love to have met you while I was in San Antonio, Texas 😎
San Antonio is a great city! So great, it hosted the World's Fair in 1968! πŸ™‚ Several of my relatives lived in San Antonio. I spent a lot of time there.
Sep 20 at 9:32pm
have a great time


Sep 12 at 3:06am
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Aug 8 at 1:03am
If I was there I'd fuck that hot ass of yours so fucken good that you would be begging for more and more and more and more 🐷


Jun 28 at 12:25am
Cum on You know You want it, stop beating around the bush and bend over... or open your mouth either way it's going in and Your, "Gonna Fucken Love It!" 😈


Jun 8 at 10:02pm
HOT pics