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They don't have to be young, but it helps. They don't need to be pretty, but it helps.

A pretty face and a pretty butt are my favorite things. A great sense of humor, intellect, honesty. That's what matters.

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StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height6' 4"
Weight195 lbs
EducationSome day
ChildrenProud parent
OccupationI run a muck.


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Shared publicly - Sep 4 at 5:42pm
Daddy's home!
Sep 4 at 6:07pm
Well Hello Daddy

Sep 4 at 11:59pm
Welcome home Daddy!


Shared publicly - Aug 6 at 12:37pm
Some people are mean to horny Daddies.
Aug 6 at 6:59pm
that is true, we were young once too
Its all good though older me are much more experienced and know what great sex love and romance is supposed to be :)
Aug 6 at 11:40pm
I'd be nice to you :D
Aug 7 at 10:10am
You are so right. They are so stuck on themselves.
Aug 9 at 3:42pm
Daddies were the KIND one to me.


Shared publicly - May 30 at 10:04pm
Have a lovely evening, my sexy friends!
And you too unless you want me to cum over and make it a real lovely evening for you



Shared publicly - May 30 at 8:51am
Hope people are treating you better now, sweet man.



Shared publicly - Apr 9 at 9:48am
Daddy's home!
welcome home daddy
What he said, welcome home
mmm, so good to see ya!
Welcome back Daddy ;)

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Oct 29 at 2:54am
Satan's trains through raging infernos, and Cracks in the Beach rocks down to hell,

Ghost trains in your mind that are bound to Nowhere, and bridge lights appearing from where no one can tell,

All Hallows Eve, lost souls fly through the night

Like Zombies as the drivers of those trains of death's fright.

May you truly enjoy each fright in the night,

It's Halloween, and that's when what's scary is right


Sep 4 at 8:56pm
Welcome Home

Some have been wanking while waiting - - some have been working while waiting - - - but all while waiting to...


Sep 4 at 8:50pm
Today we Honor Labor, Some of us Honor all the World's Laborers:, not the Unions and their political cronies, but we Honor the Laborers themselves and their labor. The laborers who prepare, and who serve; the laborers who build, and who repair; the laborers who clean, the laborers who plant, and harvest and glean; the laborers who made real, and made working, all the clever inventions that America's and the world's thinkers and tinkerers have devised. Without them, we'd all be doing it ourselves as if it were still paleolithic 12,500-BC.


Happy Labor Day


Sep 2 at 1:24am
Have a Great Holiday Weekend... Be safe, Have fun, & Relax :)


Jul 4 at 5:56am
"We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honorโ€

To the signers of the Declaration of Independence, their lives were not sacred. Their fortunes were not sacred. They appear to have fully realized that the only thing likely to endure an armed rebellion, if it came to that, would be the ideas, beliefs and faith that formed the philosophical heart of what we today call liberty.

Remember that reality. Remember those who strive to stifle our Liberty must themselves be stymied from their blatant schemes .

When men must defend their own Liberty, remember Lexington and Concord and all since, whether fighting with guns or pens and votes - - - what was begun 240 years ago is still alive and needs us all

For all the signers, the one thing that was sacred was their honor. That was the gift they hoped to leave for future generations. There is no honor in taking from others or in subjecting others to pain, suffering and tyranny. Honorable men have the ability to see tyranny and the backbone to stand against it, though all they own may be taken from them as they fight by whatever means necessary to ensure liberty for themselves and their fellow citizens. There is no more honorable pursuit than the cause of liberty for the common good. This is what I think of on Independence Day.

Happy Declaration of Independence Day

The fight only began in 1776

"for not one of us will ever be free until we are all free." Audre Lorde