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Jul 23 at 3:23am
Posted a blog ... The kid in you


Jul 21 at 2:36pm
Posted a blog ... Coins (2)


Jul 13 at 4:04pm
Posted a blog ... Food


Jul 12 at 5:08pm
Posted a blog ... Bite me


Jul 10 at 6:33pm
Posted a blog ... Coins

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Jul 4 at 2:50am
Happy Holiday, 4th of July!


Jun 19 at 10:30am
thanks for the add


Apr 12 at 7:21pm
Holiness is everywhere around you, A radiance that is because it is.

Perhaps you have not seen its light within you.

Perhaps you think your passionless than His.

Yet you have all the radiance of Being,

Even as you wait upon your name.

All have the capacity of seeing Such glory as no moment can sustain.

Time requires death and resurrection