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I'm just an average guy for the most part, although I can be deeply cerebral.

I don't take requests, also want to remind you that I have no obligation to anyone here.

If you've messaged me and I choose not to respond please don't make it an issue.

It's not that I'm stuck up or rude. I'm actually quite accepting and ambivalent.

If I'm not mistaken I get to pick and choose who I want to share with, and allow into my life.

I'm a very busy person, and as far as men go I've plenty of options.

If you can't be cool headed and respect differences, whether it be a belief system, religion, preference, or political alignment just go ahead and block me.

I'm open to discussing these things, but won't tolerate the drama associated with them.

I won't take kindly to biased "shaming" of any kind.

Respect me and everyone else, and I will respect you just the same.

Basic Information

StatusIn a relationship
Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking
EthnicityMiddle Eastern
Body typeAverage
Height5' 11"
Weight131 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenI do not want kids


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Shared publicly - Oct 15 at 9:38pm
So, does anyone actually talk or discuss things anymore? Am I missing something?
I agree I find people don’t know how to hold a conversation now a days and it’s disappointing
Oct 16 at 10:43am
Totally agree here often only used to pick up a guy or swap pics
Oct 16 at 11:54am
Yes.. you are missing the good days when people actually cared about each other.. became friends..talked, not hookup buddies.. I know I miss that.. not the instant gratification of the new generation.. I want a friend to talk with, just be here for the good and the bad... its all part of what makes u who we are..
Oct 18 at 4:10am
They'll figure it out once they're over 30, have realized their lives are fucked up and feel the need to go to therapy.
I do. I just dont have a ton of free time anymore.
Oct 17 at 5:36am
Thats very often the problem for us all Eric sadly


Sep 29 at 12:28am
Posted a blog ... I Am Educated


Shared publicly - Sep 29 at 12:21am
I needed to make changes to protect the people I love, I hope you'll understand. Thanks.
Sep 29 at 7:01am
Do what you need to do - your friends are here to support you . . . . . .


Sep 28 at 2:49pm
Posted a blog ... У меня есть...


Sep 22 at 10:57pm
Posted a blog ... Perfect Trust

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Sep 27 at 9:21pm
https://www.lifeout.com/videos.php?sort=memberv... I hope you like it xxx Derek From Scotland UK xxx


Sep 20 at 7:35pm
Great profile and photos! I like your philosophy about people.


Sep 9 at 9:14pm
I wanted to tell you - and I'm sure there are at least a few people who agree - you really are a truly attractive man....you don't even need to be nude to show it either. It's a rare thing to be that quality of person.

Just thought Id throw it out there.


Sep 9 at 9:32am
Hello handsome! Thanks for accepting my request


Sep 8 at 11:23am
Cum on you know you want it, stop beating around the bush and bend over... or open your mouth either way it's going in and your gonna fucken love it :)


Sep 7 at 11:10pm
just felt the need to say hello, enjoyed your page thanks for sharing


Jul 2 at 8:29pm
hpy Independence day


Jun 21 at 12:51pm
Now that were friends stop by my page more often I'm sure you'll see something you'll like and while your there leave me some love with a hot and juicy comment :)


Jun 20 at 10:35pm
HOT pics


Jun 20 at 4:27pm
Well Hello :)