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jellalmystogan · Jul 23 at 9:54am


2m 24s long
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Licking my armfit
SPIKE4U2C · Jul 22 at 4:34pm

Just edging after work

3m 17s long
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Home alone n feeling really horny. Had to touch myself and add some lube n kept going. Not all the way. Might get company.
poetcock · Jul 22 at 4:08pm

me jacking to some hot videos from lo!!

2m 30s long
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Beating the meat again!!
John_231 · Jul 22 at 1:44pm

Wooden spoon...a repost

1m 28s long
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Other uses for a wooden spoon
curiosobi35 · Jul 22 at 12:00pm


1m 9s long
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Some poses from me :)
that1guy1 · Jul 22 at 8:18am

Fun at Work

2m 9s long
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Went to work in a jockstrap, put my plug in, and jerked off for a few hours. Here's the end result.
quietrock · Jul 22 at 4:58am

Uncut Above The Rest Part 2

2m 27s long
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I have never seen any cock like it so I just gotta have it;)
thatguy123 · Jul 22 at 2:34am

Working his hole in a sling

2m 2s long
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Working my buds hole while he was poppered in a sling.
bman864 · Jul 22 at 2:30am

Me playing with my ass

5m 51s long
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me playing with my ass
L0renz088 · Jul 21 at 11:25pm

before shower fun time

1m 2s long
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Much needed fun. The cum slid down between my ass cheeks.
hotlooking392000 · Jul 21 at 9:47pm

new 2014

1m 47s long
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just jacking
ekchoz · Jul 21 at 9:36pm

Morning jack off

1m 28s long
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I miss a hot mouth.
cmhguy28 · Jul 21 at 7:55pm

Str8 Head

1m 31s long
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Met this str8 black dude off MeetMe and invited him over to the hotel I work for and gave him some great head and he recorded on my phone me sucking his dick. We tried to get the fucking part, but...
AssGazmGuru · Jul 21 at 3:36pm

Milking My Magic Mushroom

2m 59s long
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The highlights of a wicked jack-off session, including a great pre-cum shot and a super slo-mo close-up of my swollen purple mushroom-head cock at nut-busting time. Any young gents who care to...
callimo86 · Jul 21 at 6:26am

Reverse strip tease

2m 9s long
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Me getting dressed lol.
Deviant_D · Jul 20 at 7:01pm

Summer time naughtiness in our yard

8m 40s long
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After a Sunday afternoon of driving to the beaches/parks around our area me and the hubby come home all horny after see all those hot guys outdoors and we play around in our yard...
kscty · Jul 20 at 10:53am

watching you

1m 6s long
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watching you guys
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:35am

takin a mans' breedin

5m 22s long
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don't have one
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:15am

ridin on a stallion cock

2m 58s long
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the Largest Male erection I've been sodomized by since the OMG video
CharlieBronw · Jul 20 at 4:14am

Todo tuyo

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En el Bus papi