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mjp68 · May 29 at 7:29pm

teaser vid

1m 55s long
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in the mood to tease. was jacking off on webcam and decided to make a vid of things. from the side. hence the tease
Prophet123 · May 29 at 5:27pm

Happy Pride 2014

3m 35s long
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With June being Gay Pride Month and pretty much many different cities throughout the summer, I thought I'd put this video together to wish everyone a Happy Pride this 2014. I found the shirt here...
bottomnmd · May 29 at 3:02pm

Suit and tie blow job

1m 5s long
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Sucking and swallowing a hot load.
ImBiGuy · May 29 at 6:46am

Efforts to go fuck myself

3m 45s long
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I made a few attempts to go fuck myself but it turns out that a hole rarely used is always tighter than one serviced regularly, and mine hasn't been serviced in a long time.
Pumpinggrandpa · May 29 at 6:33am

Tube Filling

8m 23s long
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Packing my cock and balls into my tube
badboi34_1980 · May 29 at 4:20am

Me playing with myself

1m 37s long
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Decided to play with myself and the camera on my tablet. No cum shot sorry
Lost_Angel · May 29 at 1:51am

BJ by a friend

1m 57s long
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getting sucked at 3am in my friend's garage
letspartynow · May 28 at 7:20pm


3m 0s long
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fucking my slave-whore slut bitch boy~he wanted it so bad & I just fucked his ass hard and deep! he is now one of my regular fuck sluts! Anytime I want him- he is there! and how convenient that...
letspartynow · May 28 at 7:08pm


2m 10s long
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Fucked & Breed by a straight big dick Latin dude....
irishGuy18 · May 28 at 7:03pm


1m 11s long
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little hole play
poetcock · May 28 at 5:55pm

jerking the meat

1m 20s long
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Red head playing again