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topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:11pm

3 Daddies 1 Twink Fucking his Mouth

4m 4s long
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The 19yo twink cant get enough Daddy cock so we tag team his hot hungry mouth :)
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:02pm

3 Daddies 1 Twink, Cum Hole

1m 45s long
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The 19yo twink shows us his cum filled hole and squirts some out so I give him another load to keep him happy :)
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 11:59am

3 Daddies 1 twink Tag Team

10m 19s long
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The 19yo from lifeout takes all 3 of us on as we breed his hot hole.....he couldn't get enough of our daddy cocks :)
sexnmidtown · Jul 19 at 9:06am

Friday night jack-off session

5m 48s long
Posted in Bear, Big Cock, Jerk Off
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I was watching the video by Greely Man - An Hour of Edging Edited. I love to be edged and like to shoot my load when the other guy shoots his. I think I did it. Hope you enjoy and shoot a nice...
prism1 · Jul 19 at 6:50am

Jerk Off & Cum Fountain

4m 22s long
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Jerking off with a big cum load at the end.
hashtag4 · Jul 19 at 4:51am


1m 31s long
Posted in Asian
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Ghundi · Jul 19 at 4:48am

Afternoon wank

1m 17s long
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Juat having a quick pull before the kid gets home from school hmmm
ausmax · Jul 19 at 12:37am

precum 4 lube

2m 53s long
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a good shot of precum toward the end allows for a sloppy sweet finish.
wellone · Jul 18 at 2:28pm

Sprayed with a load

1m 51s long
Posted in Amateur, Interracial
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Getting cummed on
wellone · Jul 18 at 2:04pm

Two cock jack off

1m 11s long
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Getting jacked
wellone · Jul 18 at 1:56pm

Getting head from Fla visitor

1m 35s long
Posted in Amateur, Blow Jobs
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GreeleyMan · Jul 18 at 1:40pm

Beefy Blond

22m 46s long
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I've been talking to this guy for quite a while, and we finally made some videos. Here is the first- a bottom-up shot.
GreeleyMan · Jul 18 at 1:13pm

An hour of edging - edited

6m 56s long
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Had this guy tied to the couch, and edged him for an hour before letting him cum. This is the last clip before he shot.
blue_cowboy · Jul 18 at 7:49am


3m 5s long
Posted in Anal, Asian, Bareback
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Part of the the 5 man fuck tag team last night. Too bad I wasn't able to capture the double penetration part.
EmeraldPhoenix84 · Jul 18 at 6:40am


2m 38s long
Posted in Black, Jerk Off
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What do you do when you can't sleep? You jerk it!
chadrickhorne · Jul 17 at 11:17pm

big thick uncut cock fucking my tight...

4m 18s long
Posted in Bareback
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big thick uncut peter stretching my smoth tight lil ass I had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming, he hurt so fucking good and had my hole overflowing with his hot cum! he fucked me 5 more...
davejoson21 · Jul 17 at 10:28pm

Dave Joson Scandal part 1

1m 40s long
Posted in Asian, Jerk Off, Twinks
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Here's your request guys. Watch out for part 3 with partner
Louguy1234 · Jul 16 at 9:29pm

My Weight Journey week 11

8m 33s long
Posted in General (Adult)
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My weekly video blog for week 11
bluetango2014 · Jul 16 at 8:15pm

Jacking with my neighbor

2m 39s long
Posted in Amateur
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My neighbor wanted to JO with me watching
VerGoloso · Jul 16 at 7:18pm

Fun & Cum in the Emergency Stairway...

2m 26s long
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The Sales Manager spent our whole lunchtime today telling me how horny and stressed he was since he hadn't fucked his wife in weeks and how "he would trade his kingdom for a hot, moist mouth to...