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nmybutt · Apr 3 at 3:51pm

Visited by an Otter and a Bear

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Met a couple of guys online. Had them come over to fill me up during a business trip. Sorry about the sound.
searcycutie · Apr 3 at 2:24pm

hope you like

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needed to shoot
djphantom69 · Apr 3 at 12:49pm

Quickie With A Friend

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My friend called and said that he needed to have me fuck him quickly... So While he was on the way over I set up the camera and recorded the action.
JuanPaolo · Apr 3 at 8:12am


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Hanap ng Jack off budds.
L0renz088 · Apr 3 at 2:47am

cum fountain

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Super horny at shower time
cosmokitty · Apr 2 at 11:48pm

Just Me Jerking Off

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Familiar story.... I was horny, watching porn and jerking... This is the result.
BriBri89 · Apr 2 at 10:31pm

Alone and Horny

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Jacking off before bed ;)
tighe101 · Apr 2 at 9:41pm


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please enjoy guys...
Adonis83 · Apr 2 at 4:34pm

Me and my blue hat!

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Sorry for the camera being sideways.....I was drunk and horny as FUCK!
frosty1 · Apr 2 at 2:09am

7 feel good inches

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First shot at solo filming....lemme know what ya think....
Justask27 · Apr 2 at 1:11am

A quick jo before bed

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Just a jack off before bed to sleep better ;)
greeneyes281 · Apr 1 at 6:30pm

Jackin my dick off

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Not much to say...jackin off while sittin on my throne:-p
blackbiker · Apr 1 at 2:21pm

Deep Throat

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My earlier years
straightcurious · Apr 1 at 11:16am

Afternoon fun

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urmaster · Apr 1 at 6:32am

jerk off

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Was bored
boredfatcock19 · Apr 1 at 5:38am

Jerking And Cumming

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Since I have to get off chat all the time because of the roommates, so I figured that I owed people a cum video. So I jerked and came some in my new boxers in my roomies bathroom.and filled it with...
Kardashian · Apr 1 at 4:32am

So I jerk off agaim

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I've been so horny these past few days so I decided to jerk the hell out of what's left of my small and magical weiner. I have to cut the whole clip though.
jake_othen · Apr 1 at 4:20am

Cum Eruption

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Taste my sweet & creamy tamod...
ericray · Apr 1 at 3:02am


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jerking off
DINK888 · Mar 31 at 7:34pm


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This is it!!