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sergeneo · Mar 15 at 2:22am

Indonesian Bekasi

3m 55s long
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This is the foreplay. My Friend and his friend
L0renz088 · Mar 15 at 12:13am

amazing release before shower time

1m 13s long
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Omg that felt amazing
daddynextdoordasma · Mar 14 at 11:57pm

my ex'es wank

1m 15s long
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The only vid I kept from my ex.
Oblivious560 · Mar 14 at 11:01pm

Service for 1

1m 28s long
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This guy only wants to b orally serviced!! No kissing, but wants my mouth all over him
mjp68 · Mar 14 at 9:54pm

webcam fuck

22m 12s long
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forgot my digital camera when visiting the bf, so had to make a vid with the webcam instead
ARTBOY · Mar 14 at 7:25pm

Vid #4 - Morning Milk for my Fans

1m 35s long
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Unloading a nut so I can focus on the day ahead. Notice my full balls just ready to pop! Love your feed back and adoration for the cock. Keep showing the LOVE and I'll keep showing the CUM...
Gingerpuppy · Mar 14 at 2:57pm

me jerkin and then i feast!!!

7m 56s long
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i jerk off then eat my cum!!! Hope you enjoy!!!
CGBoyToy · Mar 14 at 12:33pm

Making him screamm

1m 9s long
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Fucking a hot ass and making him scream...
usedandworn · Mar 14 at 4:05am

Morning cum in Lonsdale Briefs

5m 10s long
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Unloading in a well worn pair of undies
b0i_pakant0t · Mar 14 at 1:01am

Pinoy Creative Hands and A Glorious...

2m 16s long
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Honey, you gonna be kidding mmmmmmmm...este sucking dicks! LOL! Another not really so good video (amateur) taken from my iPhone. Just for FUN. Enjoy! [Please, no copying or downloading of my...
dan_0507 · Mar 14 at 12:01am


1m 30s long
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3rd release in a week.
b0i_pakant0t · Mar 13 at 10:56pm

Pinoy Joy Ride

2m 17s long
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Not really a good video but hey, I enjoy the ride. Thank you for the fuck :D
scbutt4u · Mar 13 at 8:26pm

My Friend R and Me Last Night

11m 1s long
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My friend R came by last night for some playtime.
sexycollegeguy23 · Mar 13 at 7:25pm

Jerking off

1m 13s long
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Horny again. Decided to make a video.
txrunner361 · Mar 13 at 6:39pm

Horny day

1m 39s long
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After a long day of jacking but not cumming until this afternoon had to release my cumming:-))
Dustin_52 · Mar 13 at 6:27pm


2m 4s long
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biglromper69 · Mar 13 at 1:24pm

So boned hard....

1m 10s long
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My bf and I had wild sex last night. Woke up this morning my cock is still so hard again, He's gone to work... So i decided to jerk and relief my tight balls again... Enjoy!!!
CoupleInDC · Mar 13 at 10:49am

Masturbation on a newspaper. 2014

1m 1s long
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I jerk off on a newspaper at my work desk. I didn't have time to edge much, so the load is small.
j3rryman1ac · Mar 13 at 2:20am

1st video Partee Fuck

5m 45s long
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hard fucking... no cumshot though..
cosmokitty · Mar 12 at 11:53pm

Post Sex J/O

5m 16s long
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I was still so horny after fucking a bud on a road trip that I had to jerk off when I got back to my room. I filmed it with a webcam on a laptop so its not great.