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9uncut · Mar 17 at 12:18pm

gettin my Mans' kunt nailed

8m 2s long
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this bud is so fukkin hot. been 2 yrs almost since he had a screw in my asshole. I returned the kindness on the bed but camera was outa reach
theniceboy · Mar 17 at 7:01am

Dancing to Prrrrum

1m 50s long
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Shaking it ....
kip23 · Mar 17 at 2:17am


8m 51s long
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Trying out estiming.
ARTBOY · Mar 17 at 1:59am


2m 17s long
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As promised, I've returned after my work out to give you the nut. Hope you enjoy it. To my adoring fans, I ask you, send me your special requests and ideas of what you'd like to see and I will...
gtmusl · Mar 16 at 9:08pm

jerk off time

1m 38s long
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jerking off
That_guy222 · Mar 16 at 4:52pm

Some release at work

1m 39s long
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Rubbing one out at work
Gamerboy84 · Mar 16 at 4:01pm


1m 26s long
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a buddy and I going at it
hondo-t · Mar 16 at 2:05pm

stretch before real cock

3m 57s long
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getting open so I can Fuck
ARTBOY · Mar 16 at 1:13pm


2m 15s long
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Going to the grocery, running errands, even at the gym, you never know who might want a taste of the dick, so always be fresh, and ready to pull it out in an instant. (For the right mouth that is)...
jaredtn · Mar 16 at 1:12pm

Toy playD

2m 29s long
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Dildo play on cam is hot with the right guy
b0i_pakant0t · Mar 16 at 12:35pm

Pinoy Summer Group Heatwaves

14m 21s long
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Aaahhh..eeehhh...iiihhh…ooohhh...uuuhhh..! March marks the start of Pinoy summer heat waves. LOL! This is the second and last part of our March 2014 foursome experience. Not really a good video but...
qinxiao · Mar 16 at 8:50am

Fuck a boy

2m 20s long
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Fucking on morning
b0i_pakant0t · Mar 16 at 1:39am

Pinoy Cock Sharing Time

3m 18s long
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It is good to share from time to time. Another glorious mouth performance with another bottom friend, sharing a dick while waiting for someone else to arrive. Part of the March 2014 foursome...
Indio-9 · Mar 15 at 10:15pm

Padre Island bottom boy.

4m 8s long
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Meet up with this twenty some bottom boy once in a while. He enjoys it bareback and I comply with his wish.
countrystud87 · Mar 15 at 5:05pm

dildo fun

3m 14s long
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me riding my dildo and shooting a load
jamboes · Mar 15 at 4:11pm

cumshots mine

6m 49s long
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relaxing moments
b0i_pakant0t · Mar 15 at 3:23pm

Pinoy Midnight Snack

2m 50s long
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A popsicle at mid-night? Why not? I can turn a cold snack into a hot sizzling meal. Haha! Enjoy the cock-sucking experience! [Please, no copying or downloading of my videos without asking my...
Bicurious32 · Mar 15 at 3:01pm

3rd times a charm...

3m 22s long
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asianhunk5 · Mar 15 at 10:25am

Pinoy Guy in UK

3m 4s long
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Let's Cum & Play!
tighe101 · Mar 15 at 8:44am


4m 5s long
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did the best as i could