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drummerboy43 · Apr 4 at 1:03am

Late night jack

1m 39s long
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I couldn't sleep
greeneyes281 · Apr 4 at 12:00am

car jerk

3m 9s long
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Jerkin off in my car on this rainy afternoon:)
lookinforfriends · Apr 3 at 4:26pm

Jackin waiting for a Skype friend.

1m 6s long
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No cum shot.
L0renz088 · Apr 3 at 2:47am

cum fountain

1m 29s long
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Super horny at shower time
cosmokitty · Apr 2 at 11:48pm

Just Me Jerking Off

2m 15s long
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Familiar story.... I was horny, watching porn and jerking... This is the result.
BriBri89 · Apr 2 at 10:31pm

Alone and Horny

5m 35s long
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Jacking off before bed ;)
Adonis83 · Apr 2 at 4:34pm

Me and my blue hat!

3m 19s long
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Sorry for the camera being sideways.....I was drunk and horny as FUCK!
Justask27 · Apr 2 at 1:11am

A quick jo before bed

2m 18s long
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Just a jack off before bed to sleep better ;)
greeneyes281 · Apr 1 at 6:30pm

Jackin my dick off

1m 5s long
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Not much to say...jackin off while sittin on my throne:-p
straightcurious · Apr 1 at 11:16am

Afternoon fun

2m 36s long
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urmaster · Apr 1 at 6:32am

jerk off

1m 11s long
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Was bored
boredfatcock19 · Apr 1 at 5:38am

Jerking And Cumming

1m 33s long
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Since I have to get off chat all the time because of the roommates, so I figured that I owed people a cum video. So I jerked and came some in my new boxers in my roomies bathroom.and filled it with...
Kardashian · Apr 1 at 4:32am

So I jerk off agaim

4m 54s long
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I've been so horny these past few days so I decided to jerk the hell out of what's left of my small and magical weiner. I have to cut the whole clip though.
jake_othen · Apr 1 at 4:20am

Cum Eruption

1m 34s long
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Taste my sweet & creamy tamod...
ericray · Apr 1 at 3:02am


4m 15s long
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jerking off
DINK888 · Mar 31 at 7:34pm


1m 9s long
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This is it!!
TimAnton · Mar 31 at 7:32pm

Happy wanking

11m 28s long
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I had to take a break from writing my essay on Freud to just relax and enjoy a moment of self-loving
ManginTom47 · Mar 31 at 4:53pm

Spring has sprung! Here I cum!!!

7m 44s long
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I owe you one, my 'regular' viewer. Just stroking it, squeezing my tits, getting saliva on that cock of mine, eventually ejaculating my load of cum, then turning around and show you my ass, just to...
Kardashian · Mar 31 at 7:58am

Quick wank

1m 38s long
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A quick wank
bluetango2014 · Mar 31 at 7:27am

Just a quick releasefor

4m 20s long
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anyone want to join me?