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robertthediver · Apr 20 at 8:51pm

playing with my soft cock

1m 1s long
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just playing around
SexyBlk · Apr 18 at 6:20pm


4m 30s long
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Just bored and wanted to take a hot shower
SexyCTGuy74 · Apr 18 at 8:55am

Quick jerk

1m 7s long
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Just a quick jerk of my cock! Enjoy!!!
callimo86 · Apr 17 at 11:50pm

jo :)

3m 59s long
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just having fun.
intotheblue · Apr 17 at 1:18pm

The end of an edge

1m 57s long
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After edging for 3 hours and camming with a friend, i sit back watch some xtube
robertthediver · Apr 16 at 11:27am

playing with myself

1m 3s long
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having a little fun
ManginTom47 · Apr 14 at 5:09pm

under where is my cock? Maybe the...

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A couple fans want to see me cum on my underwear, while the other wants to see more of my ass, for him to stroke his cock to, as he is thinking of fucking me. So, you get both!!
StiffSammy · Apr 14 at 1:31am

Cumshots Collection

11m 3s long
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My Cum.
Lonelyholes · Apr 13 at 8:00pm

Hole for exploration

3m 6s long
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This hole hasn't been explored in too long. It has forgotten what a cock feels like (dildos aren't the same).
BryGuy27 · Apr 8 at 5:43am

Having fun for a friend

1m 38s long
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Stroking one out
drummerboy43 · Apr 6 at 12:14pm


1m 27s long
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Felt so good
ManginTom47 · Apr 5 at 3:12am

Answering an underwear request, from...

2m 34s long
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Have a man who enjoys watching my videos, but he would like me to do another underwear video, as that is his passion, with men!!!
Bicurious32 · Apr 4 at 3:42pm

Tryin' out some new lube ;)

4m 12s long
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CoupleInDC · Apr 4 at 9:10am

Work masturbation.

1m 10s long
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I jerk off at work again.
cosmokitty · Apr 2 at 11:48pm

Just Me Jerking Off

2m 15s long
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Familiar story.... I was horny, watching porn and jerking... This is the result.
boredfatcock19 · Apr 1 at 5:38am

Jerking And Cumming

1m 33s long
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Since I have to get off chat all the time because of the roommates, so I figured that I owed people a cum video. So I jerked and came some in my new boxers in my roomies bathroom.and filled it with...
TimAnton · Mar 31 at 7:32pm

Happy wanking

11m 28s long
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I had to take a break from writing my essay on Freud to just relax and enjoy a moment of self-loving
ManginTom47 · Mar 31 at 4:53pm

Spring has sprung! Here I cum!!!

7m 44s long
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I owe you one, my 'regular' viewer. Just stroking it, squeezing my tits, getting saliva on that cock of mine, eventually ejaculating my load of cum, then turning around and show you my ass, just to...
paullanquina2 · Mar 30 at 11:09pm

jack off in the afternoon

2m 27s long
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I just had to release.
houstonguy78 · Mar 27 at 1:46am

Dildo Fuck 3/26/14

1m 9s long
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I need the real thing.