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Lucky_Cub · Jul 30 at 3:54am

Just keeps leaking..

2m 28s long
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keokukia9800 · Jul 30 at 12:23am

Parking lot Blowjob

3m 11s long
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Hooked up with this guy a couple weeks earlier and did him in the handicapped stall of the restroom in a Men__rds. This time I did him in the parking lot of the same store, but in the backseat of...
smokinhottj77 · Jul 29 at 9:23pm

Public restroom fun!

1m 12s long
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Just me playing in a cruisy toilet!!
John_231 · Jul 27 at 2:49pm

Horny me!

4m 50s long
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Putting back some deleted videos by special request!
John_231 · Jul 26 at 1:37pm

Afternoon Delite

2m 54s long
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Had a request to repost this
BJDaily · Jul 25 at 6:53pm

Jacking with two new toys :^)

9m 25s long
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This is two of the three new toys I got last week. The first one I used is called the Sport fucker. It put a gentle squeeze on the balls and shaft. The second one was the Sport fucker half guard....
Ghundi · Jul 25 at 2:27am

Wank sesh

2m 27s long
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Just pulling a load
John_231 · Jul 22 at 1:44pm

Wooden spoon...a repost

1m 28s long
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Other uses for a wooden spoon
that1guy1 · Jul 22 at 8:18am

Fun at Work

2m 9s long
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Went to work in a jockstrap, put my plug in, and jerked off for a few hours. Here's the end result.
cmhguy28 · Jul 21 at 7:55pm

Str8 Head

1m 31s long
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Met this str8 black dude off MeetMe and invited him over to the hotel I work for and gave him some great head and he recorded on my phone me sucking his dick. We tried to get the fucking part, but...
callimo86 · Jul 21 at 6:26am

Reverse strip tease

2m 9s long
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Me getting dressed lol.
Deviant_D · Jul 20 at 7:01pm

Summer time naughtiness in our yard

8m 40s long
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After a Sunday afternoon of driving to the beaches/parks around our area me and the hubby come home all horny after see all those hot guys outdoors and we play around in our yard...
CharlieBronw · Jul 20 at 4:14am

Todo tuyo

1m 15s long
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En el Bus papi
cumn4u · Jul 20 at 4:14am

Jacking My Cock Slowly Till Explosion

3m 56s long
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I work it nice and slow till i cum all over a mirror.
cumn4u · Jul 19 at 1:43pm

Cumming Hard on the Coffee Table

2m 50s long
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Cumming hard on the coffee table.
cumn4u · Jul 19 at 1:01pm


1m 40s long
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topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:55pm

East to West and all points inbetween :)

3m 54s long
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The early years traveling all 48 states, still going strong after 3 years :) Hope you enjoy some of the sites.....we sure did.
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:28pm

Daddy sucks them All :)

1m 55s long
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I just cant say no to a fine young twink :) Some of the best times with the 19 to 23yo's over the last few years...Hope you enjoy I sure did!!!
cumn4u · Jul 19 at 12:22pm


2m 18s long
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topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:11pm

3 Daddies 1 Twink Fucking his Mouth

4m 4s long
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The 19yo twink cant get enough Daddy cock so we tag team his hot hungry mouth :)