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JerryGumby · Apr 17 at 11:53pm

machine fucked & milked in Wrestling...

6m 5s long
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hadn't cum in over 3 weeks. horny but not much time to prep - put on rubber hip boots and specially modified wrestling singlet with opening in front and rear - rear designed to hold Reality Condom...
svensex · Apr 15 at 3:29pm

Sven and a daddy - short version

2m 48s long
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Sven's fucking a horny daddy cunt. For the whole fuck watch the long version: join my group at: and I'll approve you as a friend with access to my private...
hotass4u35 · Apr 10 at 12:15pm

One of my Fav Feeders.Part 3

2m 54s long
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Eating the load of one of my favorite married Feeders.
COMBATA · Apr 9 at 1:33am

fun sex

3m 17s long
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For entertainment
hotass4u35 · Apr 8 at 1:12pm

One of my Favorite Feeders part 1

1m 35s long
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Me suckin off one of my fav Feeders , finally got him to video it.
djphantom69 · Apr 3 at 12:49pm

Quickie With A Friend

17m 48s long
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My friend called and said that he needed to have me fuck him quickly... So While he was on the way over I set up the camera and recorded the action.
FrankNaves · Mar 30 at 6:32pm

Me and My Boyfriend

13m 58s long
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This is me and my boyfriend breeding the hell out of each other......
boricua1962 · Mar 28 at 4:06am

Pumping joy

7m 12s long
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Really enjoying myself with my pump. Damn my cock and balls felt great!!
NaturalHairyGuy · Mar 23 at 7:52pm

Fucking my ass

1m 45s long
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Playing with my furry ass
BillySC · Mar 15 at 3:52am

Fucking my Beau.

4m 4s long
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Still camera video of me fucking my Beau
JerryGumby · Mar 10 at 5:02pm

Muscular hairy stud gets machine...

3m 42s long
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Hot hairy muscular stud wants to ride the fuck machine for a few hours - he lasted 1 min 30 seconds before cumming. A bit of post orgasm vid and chat included. He wanted to last MUCH longer -...
nmybutt · Mar 9 at 2:48pm

Another Edit Part 2

6m 8s long
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3rd edit of me getting bred
fireytaurus422 · Mar 6 at 10:09am

Fucked in the middle

1m 27s long
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taking it on both ends
ArabGuy · Feb 24 at 9:53pm

Arab fuck 21 Latin boy

2m 19s long
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Me fucking 21 latin boy
ArabGuy · Feb 16 at 8:27pm

valentine's day fuck

5m 1s long
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one of my fans contact me on valentine's day to have sex he is 21 top and want try to bottom so I topped him for his first time.
NaturalHairyGuy · Feb 13 at 11:26pm

A different angle..

1m 3s long
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NaturalHairyGuy · Feb 10 at 9:53pm

In the mood to get fucked

1m 6s long
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Didn't take long to blow my load
ArabGuy · Feb 8 at 2:52pm

Arab fuck 18 white boy 2nd time

3m 30s long
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Me fucking 18 white boy 2nd time 7 Feb if you want me fuck you contact me
ArabGuy · Feb 4 at 11:36pm

Arab Fuck 18 white boy

3m 55s long
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Me fucking 18 white boy if you want me fuck you contact me
ArabGuy · Feb 2 at 4:59pm

Arab fuck 21 boy

4m 35s long
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Me fucking 21 boy if you want me fuck you contact me