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b0i_pakant0t · Apr 19 at 2:47am

Pinoy Lollipop - Bear Flavor :D

5m 35s long
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Tiny yet sweet Pinoy lollipop - b0i_pakant0t pasalubong from a friend. Enjoy the licking and juicing pop :D ***** Please, no copying and/or downloading of this video without asking permission from...
r2biago · Apr 18 at 11:26am

Beefy Scottsdale Bottom

6m 29s long
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I met a beefy blonde furry guy that just walked in and bent over...he had a nice ass to use.
swallower53703 · Apr 13 at 1:33am

IML 2013: savoring topdudelikesfeet's...

35m 33s long
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this stud has a perfect veiny cock to worship, and i was obsessed with his beautiful HUGE cockhead! i could've kept sucking his awesome tool for hours - but unfortunately, our session was cut short...
nmybutt · Apr 12 at 8:49pm

Another J/O Vid

1m 39s long
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Watching a great vid on here and had to relieve myself
nmybutt · Apr 3 at 3:51pm

Visited by an Otter and a Bear

6m 48s long
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Met a couple of guys online. Had them come over to fill me up during a business trip. Sorry about the sound.
r2biago · Mar 28 at 12:04pm

LVH Latino fuck

9m 52s long
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This guy gave great head, and then I fucked his hungry hole.
doi_iob · Mar 25 at 10:54am

1st try

1m 0s long
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My very 1st jackoff video
Trixter23 · Mar 20 at 8:56pm

Hot Wank

2m 56s long
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me jackin in a porta potty in Afghanistan after gettin off the phone with the hubby!!
swallower53703 · Mar 1 at 8:19pm

IML 2013: worshiping one of my fave BBCs

30m 22s long
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during IML, i had the good fortune to reconnect with my buddy chicagovideoman again - u've watched me worship his meat a couple times in earlier vids ... i'm sure it'll cum as no surprise that i'll...
bunkhouseman · Feb 27 at 11:44pm


1m 13s long
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nmybutt · Feb 27 at 1:34pm

Blowing a morning load

1m 41s long
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Blew a load while watching an online video.
swallower53703 · Feb 22 at 11:08pm

IML 2013: blowing hot daddy...

11m 40s long
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i connected with this VERY hot stud during IML, and u can appreciate his beautiful cock in this video - but i really wish u guys could've seen the rest of him, too ... he's EASILY one of THE...
SOULSEER · Feb 20 at 7:22pm

My first Lifeout video

2m 53s long
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Me stroking after a quick pump. A few accompanying pix on my page ;P
matt611 · Feb 20 at 7:20pm

me cumming chubby

12m 40s long
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im chubby and i cum alot
swallower53703 · Feb 15 at 8:36pm

IML 2013: sucking off my buddy...

34m 28s long
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hey guys! this black chicago stud from a4a/squirt and i had been exchanging messages for many months before we were finally able to connect during IML, and it sure was worth the wait ... not only...
r2biago · Feb 13 at 8:49pm

Cute Indian Bottom

9m 3s long
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I fucked a cute Indian tourist when I was in Vegas.
swallower53703 · Feb 9 at 9:11am

IML 2013: draining my buddy...

32m 39s long
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first off, my SINCEREST thanks to all of u fans who have taken the time recently to send me such wonderfully warm welcome-back messages ... i had no idea i had been so missed!! lol ... i have...
r2biago · Feb 6 at 8:49pm

Vegas Bottom Returns pt2

9m 47s long
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Now that's the kind of bottom I'd love to use daily.
bunkhouseman · Feb 6 at 12:12pm


1m 10s long
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Real good climax...cum was flying everywhere...
r2biago · Feb 4 at 9:32pm

Vegas Bottom Returns pt1

12m 12s long
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I love fucking this sexy bottom when I'm in town.