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fireytaurus422 · Jul 30 at 9:19pm

getting fucked raw

16m 6s long
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a friend came over, and decided to video tape our session. i'm the bottom
r2biago · Jul 30 at 1:08pm

Palm Springs Aussie Fuck

10m 30s long
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When on a fun vacation to PS, I fucked a very sexy Aussie...wish he would have been more vocal, his voice was awesome to wake up to.
quietrock · Jul 29 at 2:52am

Sunday Threesome with Prof. & Engr....

2m 29s long
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The weird part of coming home from a Saturday night orgy is the instant craving soon as you've settled down. Luckily, two of my regular fubus were free as I was alone at home on a Sunday...
truelove23 · Jul 29 at 1:13am

Bare fucking part 2

2m 16s long
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here's the cumming guys!! enjoy
Lizarddrainer · Jul 28 at 8:59pm

More Length and Width

1m 13s long
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Second part of "Length and Width." As these are my first videos ever your kindness is appreciated-and yes next time the lighting will be improved. This top is incredible leaving me contented and...
truelove23 · Jul 28 at 9:41am

bare fucking!!

1m 25s long
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hot fucking with my x bf.. :)) enjoy
Lizarddrainer · Jul 27 at 7:53pm

Length and Width

1m 32s long
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Incredible 9x6 top who knows how to use every inch.
blue_cowboy · Jul 27 at 5:41am


3m 0s long
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When bed weather demands warm bodies, why deny the opportunity to fuck? Until the next 3 way fuck.
nls66 · Jul 26 at 2:42pm

my maried buddy give me a good ....bbck!

3m 9s long
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he fucks me really hard in my asses
topfl · Jul 25 at 9:00pm

R's back

1m 58s long
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This week's fucking
r2biago · Jul 23 at 11:07am

Garage Fuck

6m 35s long
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After a good spanking, I fuck this guy in his garage.
quietrock · Jul 22 at 4:58am

Uncut Above The Rest Part 2

2m 27s long
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I have never seen any cock like it so I just gotta have it;)
thatguy123 · Jul 22 at 2:34am

Working his hole in a sling

2m 2s long
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Working my buds hole while he was poppered in a sling.
Deviant_D · Jul 20 at 7:01pm

Summer time naughtiness in our yard

8m 40s long
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After a Sunday afternoon of driving to the beaches/parks around our area me and the hubby come home all horny after see all those hot guys outdoors and we play around in our yard...
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:35am

takin a mans' breedin

5m 22s long
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don't have one
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:15am

ridin on a stallion cock

2m 58s long
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the Largest Male erection I've been sodomized by since the OMG video
Bring_it_on_nc · Jul 20 at 2:12am

Wild Sex Bareback

17m 5s long
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We was so drunk! We met at the club and we had a wild sex and we fall asleep after sex then wake up he wanna to fuck my pussy again before he is headin back to home. His size dick 8.5 cut thick. He...
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:02pm

3 Daddies 1 Twink, Cum Hole

1m 45s long
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The 19yo twink shows us his cum filled hole and squirts some out so I give him another load to keep him happy :)
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 11:59am

3 Daddies 1 twink Tag Team

10m 19s long
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The 19yo from lifeout takes all 3 of us on as we breed his hot hole.....he couldn't get enough of our daddy cocks :)
blue_cowboy · Jul 18 at 7:49am


3m 5s long
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Part of the the 5 man fuck tag team last night. Too bad I wasn't able to capture the double penetration part.