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123wow · Apr 14 at 11:55am

just my cock

1m 41s long
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do you like it?
123wow · Apr 13 at 3:19pm

playing with my cock

1m 29s long
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just grabing my cock :)
swallower53703 · Apr 13 at 1:33am

IML 2013: savoring topdudelikesfeet's...

35m 33s long
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this stud has a perfect veiny cock to worship, and i was obsessed with his beautiful HUGE cockhead! i could've kept sucking his awesome tool for hours - but unfortunately, our session was cut short...
UpandDown · Apr 11 at 4:46pm

quick fuck in the public cr

1m 15s long
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my fubu cannot find a place to fuck me so i decided to bring him to a public cr of a church. sounds adventure.
fitguy29 · Apr 11 at 2:57pm

After Camming for a while With...

3m 50s long
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After camming a while..i finished off filming it.
Thick8inMD · Apr 11 at 7:38am

Multi Day Load

1m 43s long
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After several days off, I really had some built up for a very happy ending. In fact, I accidentally drop the camera for a brief moment, but recover quickly to capture the moment!
8andonehalfby6 · Apr 11 at 1:07am

2 mouths working dick

1m 29s long
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Gettin swallowed by 2 hungry mouths
COMBATA · Apr 9 at 1:42am

exhibition of sex

3m 13s long
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My angle of fucking
COMBATA · Apr 9 at 1:38am


3m 56s long
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To expose again my fucking session
COMBATA · Apr 9 at 1:33am

fun sex

3m 17s long
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For entertainment
akosimanu · Apr 8 at 11:55am

Jerk off w/ a hung twink

2m 4s long
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I invited a twink for a drink and to find out he also have a big dick. Enjoy!
BryGuy27 · Apr 8 at 5:43am

Having fun for a friend

1m 38s long
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Stroking one out
COMBATA · Apr 7 at 8:08pm


4m 19s long
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angmarino69 · Apr 7 at 8:27am

Kantot Marino

1m 0s long
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Throwback vid. Back when I was a little skinny and a little wild (eh?). Fellow marino fucks me hard while his partner is taking the video. Damn he's such a biggie! Follow me on Twitter @angmarino69
Bicurious32 · Apr 4 at 3:42pm

Tryin' out some new lube ;)

4m 12s long
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biglromper69 · Apr 4 at 1:31pm

Cum shot!!!!!! HOT!!!!

1m 7s long
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My bf and I sucking,jerking each other and shoot our nice hot load on my bf hairy belly mmmm Fun and hot!!! Hope ya'll like it mmm
greeneyes281 · Apr 4 at 12:00am

car jerk

3m 9s long
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Jerkin off in my car on this rainy afternoon:)
searcycutie · Apr 3 at 2:24pm

hope you like

1m 0s long
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needed to shoot
greeneyes281 · Apr 1 at 6:30pm

Jackin my dick off

1m 5s long
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Not much to say...jackin off while sittin on my throne:-p
blackbiker · Apr 1 at 2:21pm

Deep Throat

2m 11s long
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My earlier years