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EmeraldPhoenix84 · Jul 25 at 9:28pm

1st fleshlight experience

2m 30s long
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Same friend from earlier using fleshlight.
EmeraldPhoenix84 · Jul 25 at 9:18pm

another friend and I

2m 15s long
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Another friend and I having fun times
globetofer · Jul 25 at 4:24pm

the Boss is back

12m 37s long
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he knows what he wants
Ghundi · Jul 25 at 2:27am

Wank sesh

2m 27s long
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Just pulling a load
freightshaker73 · Jul 24 at 1:40am

trucker jerk

1m 5s long
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short vid i made for my x,, but he never really was into me.... so sharing it again here with you all... ENJOY no money shot,, sorry
thatguy123 · Jul 22 at 2:34am

Working his hole in a sling

2m 2s long
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Working my buds hole while he was poppered in a sling.
hotlooking392000 · Jul 21 at 9:47pm

new 2014

1m 47s long
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just jacking
Deviant_D · Jul 20 at 7:01pm

Summer time naughtiness in our yard

8m 40s long
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After a Sunday afternoon of driving to the beaches/parks around our area me and the hubby come home all horny after see all those hot guys outdoors and we play around in our yard...
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:35am

takin a mans' breedin

5m 22s long
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don't have one
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:15am

ridin on a stallion cock

2m 58s long
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the Largest Male erection I've been sodomized by since the OMG video
Bring_it_on_nc · Jul 20 at 2:12am

Wild Sex Bareback

17m 5s long
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We was so drunk! We met at the club and we had a wild sex and we fall asleep after sex then wake up he wanna to fuck my pussy again before he is headin back to home. His size dick 8.5 cut thick. He...
topdaddy2 · Jul 19 at 12:55pm

East to West and all points inbetween :)

3m 54s long
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The early years traveling all 48 states, still going strong after 3 years :) Hope you enjoy some of the sites.....we sure did.
sexnmidtown · Jul 19 at 9:06am

Friday night jack-off session

5m 48s long
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I was watching the video by Greely Man - An Hour of Edging Edited. I love to be edged and like to shoot my load when the other guy shoots his. I think I did it. Hope you enjoy and shoot a nice...
prism1 · Jul 19 at 6:50am

Jerk Off & Cum Fountain

4m 22s long
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Jerking off with a big cum load at the end.
Ghundi · Jul 19 at 4:48am

Afternoon wank

1m 17s long
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Juat having a quick pull before the kid gets home from school hmmm
GreeleyMan · Jul 18 at 1:40pm

Beefy Blond

22m 46s long
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I've been talking to this guy for quite a while, and we finally made some videos. Here is the first- a bottom-up shot.
bottomnmd · Jul 16 at 10:07am

German cock two

9m 36s long
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Suck and swallow.
bottomnmd · Jul 14 at 11:30am

German cock

1m 1s long
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Sucking a hung German cock.
sexnmidtown · Jul 14 at 7:33am

A new jack off video

2m 45s long
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I love to watch fuck videos on here and since I'm along, I usually get off watching them. So I thought it was time to share a good jack off session. Hope you like.
markcarsonagain1 · Jul 13 at 10:51pm

My cumshot on JT's face and in his...

1m 16s long
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Loved how he sucked my cock....