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John_231 · Jul 22 at 1:44pm

Wooden spoon...a repost

1m 28s long
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Other uses for a wooden spoon
curiosobi35 · Jul 22 at 12:00pm


1m 9s long
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Some poses from me :)
that1guy1 · Jul 22 at 8:18am

Fun at Work

2m 9s long
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Went to work in a jockstrap, put my plug in, and jerked off for a few hours. Here's the end result.
quietrock · Jul 22 at 4:58am

Uncut Above The Rest Part 2

2m 27s long
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I have never seen any cock like it so I just gotta have it;)
thatguy123 · Jul 22 at 2:34am

Working his hole in a sling

2m 2s long
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Working my buds hole while he was poppered in a sling.
bman864 · Jul 22 at 2:30am

Me playing with my ass

5m 51s long
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me playing with my ass
L0renz088 · Jul 21 at 11:25pm

before shower fun time

1m 2s long
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Much needed fun. The cum slid down between my ass cheeks.
hotlooking392000 · Jul 21 at 9:47pm

new 2014

1m 47s long
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just jacking
ekchoz · Jul 21 at 9:36pm

Morning jack off

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I miss a hot mouth.
cmhguy28 · Jul 21 at 7:55pm

Str8 Head

1m 31s long
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Met this str8 black dude off MeetMe and invited him over to the hotel I work for and gave him some great head and he recorded on my phone me sucking his dick. We tried to get the fucking part, but...
AssGazmGuru · Jul 21 at 3:36pm

Milking My Magic Mushroom

2m 59s long
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The highlights of a wicked jack-off session, including a great pre-cum shot and a super slo-mo close-up of my swollen purple mushroom-head cock at nut-busting time. Any young gents who care to...
callimo86 · Jul 21 at 6:26am

Reverse strip tease

2m 9s long
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Me getting dressed lol.
Deviant_D · Jul 20 at 7:01pm

Summer time naughtiness in our yard

8m 40s long
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After a Sunday afternoon of driving to the beaches/parks around our area me and the hubby come home all horny after see all those hot guys outdoors and we play around in our yard...
kscty · Jul 20 at 10:53am

watching you

1m 6s long
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watching you guys
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:35am

takin a mans' breedin

5m 22s long
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don't have one
9uncut · Jul 20 at 9:15am

ridin on a stallion cock

2m 58s long
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the Largest Male erection I've been sodomized by since the OMG video
CHARLYBOYPLAYAS · Jul 20 at 4:14am

Todo tuyo

1m 15s long
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En el Bus papi
cumn4u · Jul 20 at 4:14am

Jacking My Cock Slowly Till Explosion

3m 56s long
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I work it nice and slow till i cum all over a mirror.
Bring_it_on_nc · Jul 20 at 2:12am

Wild Sex Bareback

17m 5s long
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We was so drunk! We met at the club and we had a wild sex and we fall asleep after sex then wake up he wanna to fuck my pussy again before he is headin back to home. His size dick 8.5 cut thick. He...
rarom · Jul 20 at 1:47am

It's been a while

3m 12s long
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But here I am again. I've had many distractions that kept me busy but finally got in the right mood again. You didn't wait that long, right?