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to_tuborg_tak · Apr 8 at 11:24am
Last day here for a while...Surgery is tomorrow and I most likely won't be able to be on here for a long time...Take care guys...Hope to catch up with you when I am back...
midnightvoice · Apr 8 at 4:17pm
Wishing you a speedy recovery! You've got guys here who care about you, let us know when you can about the outcome.
mikeykam · Apr 8 at 5:17pm
Hope your surgery goes well my friend. We're all praying for you!
to_tuborg_tak · Apr 5 at 12:58pm
Just realized this is the last weekend I will have left to do anything without lifelong implants in my body...Kind of creepy when I say it like that...
night_moves · Apr 6 at 8:59am
My best to you on the surgery! Are they doing both feet at the same time or one now and one later? Do you have anyone reliable at the coffee shop so you're leaving it in good hands, or will you have to worry about it while you're recovering? Take care! :)
to_tuborg_tak · Mar 24 at 5:32am
Way too horny for my own good right now...
mac35guy1 · Mar 24 at 9:41am
you shouldn't have any problem taking care of your horniness !
mac35guy1 · Mar 24 at 9:41am
so how do you 'handle' this situation ?
to_tuborg_tak · Mar 12 at 8:48pm
I received the full list of everything that my surgeries will involve...Holy shit...If I walk through the wrong part of town at the wrong time, I could be stripped and be sold for scrap metal...
to_tuborg_tak · Mar 8 at 9:34pm
I would like to go on record on saying that allergies can fucking suck it...I am so damn congested I can barely breathe and have really bad laryngitis with it...HATE THIS SHIT...
ADK841 · Mar 8 at 10:03pm
Sounds like you need some Vicks in some boiling water to breath in. I have Chicken soup, but you'll have to come get it. Hope you feel better.

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Deviant_D · Mar 26 at 4:55pm
Now that were friends stop by my page more often I'm sure you'll see something you'll like and while your there leave me a hot and juicy comment :)
Deviant_D · Mar 22 at 5:00pm
Well Hello :)
jrocp · Mar 1 at 12:14am
Harry Styles*
jrocp · Mar 1 at 12:13am
To Mr Harry Stiles....hmu hooka tits
jrocp · Jan 29 at 5:37am
Yo sup igloo boy...u got me some wooden shoes made and some gouda cheese to eat...hmu hooka tits :)
mikeykam · Jan 20 at 4:36pm
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're doing well.
jrocp · Jan 3 at 10:26pm
Ummm....Nuttn up with my dookie cept being tight and virginal as always
jrocp · Jan 3 at 4:36am
Sup hooka tits
jrocp · Dec 26 2013 at 5:34am
Oh no u didn't's on
jrocp · Dec 11 2013 at 8:10pm
Helllllur ur online