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29 years old (Capricorn)
Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia, United States
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ME -

Nice masculine guy who goes to school full time and works part time. I am described by others (in person) as "masculine... studly... hillarious... goofy... fun... unique"


Workout time is a daily ritual for me; I simply love it. You should too!

I enjoy anything outdoor - 4 wheeling, fishing, sports, hikes, etc. And I am an indoor nerd in the winter - Video games, computing, movies, netflix.


After I get my bachelors, I plan to move away from Virginia-maybe out to the west coast? I get along great with everyone! I would like to make some great friends here on lifeout!


I want money. I want a family. I want kids. LMAO. That will all come in due time.

BUT for now I want in a guy: A genuine masculine guy who is: outgoing (not too shy), assertive, and compassionate... (Similar to me) Physically, I am after a guy that takes care of himself and eats healthy and has a great smile.

Thanks for reading duderoos. Peace

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StatusAsk me
Into Guys23 to 45
Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Weight195 lbs
EducationIn college
ChildrenSome day
OccupationAll work and no play makes super_hero a dull boy!


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super_hero · Apr 2 at 7:51pm
Feeling good. I fucked him all night and the next day. All the stress is released.
get_me_fucked · Apr 3 at 11:52am
I'm so jealous....If only I were in his shoes... ;-)
RuffBootsSoMD · Apr 3 at 8:10pm
Way to go buddy! Wish it was me getting from you though and not him...lucky guy.
super_hero · Mar 27 at 10:15pm
Well it turns out this hot dude I was chatting with off and on for years was fake! And this "fake" turned out to be a friend of mine. Why? Lmao. Human beings never cease to amaze me.
highrifleguy · Mar 28 at 2:47am
That's some crazy shit man.
RuffBootsSoMD · Mar 28 at 6:02am
That sucks. I've had it happen to me so I know how you feel. Hang in there.. not all of us are like that....
super_hero · Mar 22 at 4:14pm
I think I am going to get stud up again today. I have no luck with gay guys maybe I should date women?
sexyboy4you · Apr 2 at 8:01pm
I would never stand you up xoxoxo
super_hero · Mar 22 at 4:10pm
Sick of being a loser...
Chris6969 · Mar 23 at 4:40am
I know how you feel.
RuffBootsSoMD · Mar 28 at 6:07am
You don't look like a looser to me. Hang in there...
super_hero · Mar 20 at 7:11pm
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dragonheart3 · Apr 8 at 9:49am
super hero you have a great profile.
RuffBootsSoMD · Apr 2 at 6:19am
Thanks for accepting the friend request!!!! Hope all is going well! Have a great week!!!
midnightvoice · Mar 20 at 8:46pm
Hey Buddy! Just stopped by to say HI! Looking good, as always! LOVE those new pics!!
RicanLunaP · Feb 15 at 1:17am
Thanks for the like on the post sexy!!! Hope u'r doing great!!! Hugs, love & kisses on this wonderful day!!! Have an awesome weekend!!! =D
crb386 · Feb 13 at 4:15am
How are you doing mister? Hope you are well.
Deviant_D · Feb 2 at 12:41am
Ready for some football? I am so let's get ruff and real nasty and I'll be the Quarterback and you'll be the Tight End and I'll tackle your ass and pump my cock in your hot ass for a touchdown, and I'll stroke your cock while I'm fucking you and make you shoot your load over the field goal for the extra point, and will celebrate as we both cum at the same time, but I'm versatile so we can always switch postions :)
Deviant_D · Jan 22 at 10:41pm
Just stopping by to say hello... Now why don't you wrap your perdy mouth around my cock and start sucking on it or better yet why don't you glide your hot ass right down on it and ride it like there's no tomorrow, so cum on now you know you want to :)
undercnstrctn · Jan 20 at 7:26am
hey how are ya doing, hope ya week is good
Deviant_D · Jan 19 at 10:26pm
I'm ready for you... So what position do you want Top or Bottom? ;)
GWC14 · Jan 16 at 9:42pm
I hope this makes you feel somewhat better, here is an invite to my group, Enjoy!