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funandbold · Jul 27 at 11:07am

Hot Young Marine Loses a Bet!

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This is a true story guys...the cock pic attached is mine!
randyrawman · Jul 27 at 12:54am


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The continuing bareback breeding adventures of Randy and his horny fuckbuds.
john275 · Jul 24 at 12:42pm


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This is what I got up to on my 3 day vacation
ManginTom47 · Jul 18 at 8:10pm

Sharing of my still active libido, my...

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SEX, still strong, in my life, cum still ejaculating from my cock, translucent and with slight salt flavor, even after near death accident prelude, before my poem reflecting my new thinking, other...
medicretired2010 · Jul 18 at 9:49am

It Finally Happened

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JD called and wanted to come over ......... come on and it went from there.
ben2121 · Jul 18 at 8:12am

Business Trip blowjob

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While on a business trip at a hotel sauna I made a new friend.
ManginTom47 · Jul 16 at 5:26pm

The Beast

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thanks, men, for bringing out the beast in me, with all your hot sexy bodies and more!!!
ben2121 · Jul 9 at 11:34am

Buffalo Adult Bookstore

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. Stopped in an Adult Bookstore in Buffalo, Ny
medicretired2010 · Jul 8 at 9:11am

After the afternoon swim

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Hot sex after coming home from the pool.
loose69 · Jul 4 at 10:05am

Football Sunday

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A fun Sunday afternoon watching football with friends.
organblower · Jul 2 at 2:18pm

Swim Team Ch 77

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Swim Team is a copyrighted original novel about a men’s college swim team with the polyamorous gay love and sexual relations of some of its members. Practice safe sex. Always use condoms.
rpguy · Jul 1 at 3:32pm

Summer Magic

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Gus & Frank have fun in the rain.
funandbold · Jun 28 at 2:33pm

That Moment When...18

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you realize that now as a part of living in your father's house as an adult, you would have to pay your way with your young butt!
funandbold · Jun 28 at 2:24pm

That Moment When...17

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that even though you are totally straight the only thing you have to pay for a ride is your hot teenaged body!
ManginTom47 · Jun 23 at 3:33pm

SEXpidition, on TOP of the world,...

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Expecting my first three way, after being treated to dinner and watching some TV, sex was still in the moments ahead, but my good friend I had sex with in the 90s was tired and went to sleep. So,...
funandbold · Jun 23 at 12:45pm

That Moment When...16

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you realize that your bondage and submission fetish has gotten your stupid straight ass into a kind of trouble you never imagined!
funandbold · Jun 22 at 1:18pm

That Moment When...15

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the snickering you're hearing is because as you're blindfolded in bondage at a frat hazing event...your rigid straight cock is leaking so much you are making a puddle of precum on the floor...
funandbold · Jun 21 at 9:17pm

That Moment When...14

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as a straight jock, you realize the stakes of the game are not quite what you were led to believe and that your ass could be in jeapordy!
funandbold · Jun 21 at 7:58pm

That Moment When...13

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well hung, total top black man has let his confidence in his big cock, get his ass into trouble!
funandbold · Jun 21 at 11:21am

That Moment When...12

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you realize that giving the redneck forest ranger a smartassed answer probably wasn't a good idea! As a cocky straight man you find someone much more cocky!