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50 years old (Taurus)
Rosemont, Sacramento County, California, United States
Member since May 19 2007
Last on Aug 1 at 3:28am
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Single....cuz sometimes it's just less complicated to masturbate...and i do love to play with myself!

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Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Bottom
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAverage
Height6' 0"
Weight180 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenI do not want kids


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ru2ys · Jul 15 at 5:21pm
You guys never fail to keep me hard! ...and wow it feels good!
CraigD · Jul 16 at 4:19pm
Would you like us to help you out with that then?
ru2ys · Jul 16 at 4:25pm
oh you don't even know how much!
ru2ys · Jul 15 at 4:45am
Posted photos ...
ru2ys · Jul 5 at 6:28pm
Workin in the yard...wearin a jock strap, my dick rubbing against the material is keepin my dick semi hard..and its startin to leak...FUCK, im horny!
fitstight · Jul 6 at 12:25am
oh baby, thats hot!!
PiercedNaked1 · Jul 6 at 11:16pm
Cumming to dt Sac in Oct! Lv to cum find your hard cock drooling precum in your jockstrap
ru2ys · May 6 at 3:49am
DAMN...Stoned and going out of my fucking horny mind!
mascguy1876 · May 6 at 1:24pm
I bet you my ass could help.
DanMn42 · May 13 at 6:14pm
call me
ru2ys · Mar 27 at 8:17pm
I was told that some of you think I have deleted your friendship? Must be a lifeout glitch cuz i would NEVER do that. Your hot dirty minds keep me here with my pants right now! If you have been deleted from my friends list..send me a request and I will accept.
eddielam · Mar 28 at 5:37pm
love to see your pants down
EGpozguy · Apr 26 at 11:08am
Handsome, sexy and a NICE guy too!

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xosecr · Jul 26 at 4:14am
Hey!! Hi!! Thanks for your comment in my profile :-)
poztastic · Jul 19 at 10:07am
Thank You!!!!
Deviant_D · Jul 15 at 5:20pm
I have something for you that I know you'll love... my ass, my cock, a good rimming, and some great fucking action and I'm versatile too so that's even better for the both of us :)
mrgq73 · Jul 15 at 12:25pm
Glad you FINALLY added more pics buddy...damn hot!!
hbkmichael · Jul 15 at 10:55am
I love your pictures, very hot
CraigD · Jul 10 at 12:20pm
Hey fella thanks for dropping by and liking my pics. I wanna ask how come your profile says you're 50 and your pics look like you're in your 20's. You obviously get loads of beauty sleep! Cheers mate!
maleblonddude · Jul 6 at 4:17am
Check you out.... on the front cover and all....
Brewster1957 · Jun 21 at 12:49am
Hey Hot Man

Thanks for liking my pictures :-)
RicanLunaP · Jun 14 at 7:24pm
I don't think I have to flatter you. U'r just gorgeous the way you are. And NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise. And that is NOT a suck up!!
Wilyum · Jun 13 at 9:28am
Thanks for all the likes and comments