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34 years old (Cancer)
El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, United States
Member since Apr 27 2007
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Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityLatino / Hispanic
Body typeMore to love
Height5' 10"
EducationIn college
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationUniversity Student


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PrinceSergio · Jul 11 at 1:44am
Posted photos ...
PrinceSergio · Jun 5 at 6:30pm
if people can't handle you being the real you then there was no need for them in your life or any one elses for that matter
Jakada_Maxwell · Jun 5 at 6:48pm
A to the MENNA!!
PrinceSergio · Mar 17 at 12:30am
Posted photos ...
PrinceSergio · Mar 7 at 7:58pm
Cheers Here's to No Plans Weekend

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stickynote2 · Jul 18 at 5:09pm
It is not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

It is finally, FRIDAY!

I hope your Friday is a good one.
Sweetassugar_85 · Jul 11 at 1:29am
Have an xXx¢eptional night Doll!!!

XOxo, JP ;)
Uncut-7-dude · Jul 4 at 7:08am
Happy birthday!
stickynote2 · Jun 15 at 6:04am
Have a good Sunday. A day of rest day. Maybe a day to play. What to play? On a Sunday? Lay in bed all day. I am sure something will cum up today!
stickynote2 · Jun 2 at 5:58pm
Monday is done, Hun!

Tuesday is on the way.

I hope it is a great day.
stickynote2 · Apr 30 at 12:40pm
It is Hump Day! The middle of week, almost to Friday! I hope your day goes your way!
stickynote2 · Apr 29 at 5:10pm
It is Tuesday my sexy friend.

I hope that your day did end

on a high note! :)
stickynote2 · Apr 16 at 1:46pm
It is Wednesday! The middle of week day. Hump Day! Whatever you call it day, make it a great day.
stickynote2 · Mar 16 at 4:48pm
It is March. The wind is blowing, it is cold out too. I thought I would stop by and wish you

a Sizzling Sunday.
stickynote2 · Mar 7 at 7:45pm
Another week is finally done. It is time to have some fun. What do you have planned?