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43 years old (Capricorn)
Chenango Bridge, Broome County, New York, United States
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tired of being a good guy, my life is boring and have realized the more bad i am the more i am like... lol

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otter7 · Jul 16 at 2:18pm
well wtf ,,,whats up guys...u not miss me...... :(
tnmustang · Jul 17 at 5:28am
Hell ya!! Where u been sexy????
otter7 · Jul 17 at 7:44pm
been working to feed the world..
otter7 · Jun 17 at 11:43am
damn fuck this shit anyone wanna just run off with my dead body and do whatever they want with the parts.... they might work some place
tnmustang · Jun 17 at 1:29pm
I'd like to "WORK" on your body, Otter!!!
Ranger05 · Jun 18 at 10:42am
Rather run off with you while you're " STILL ALIVE" and do whatever with your parts!!!!
otter7 · Jun 13 at 7:40pm
hmmmmmmm a nice warm outside shower rain......shud i strip?
jaycox44 · Jun 14 at 1:55pm
otter7 · Jun 11 at 3:10pm
went in to town today and wow........the young dudes wear these smoothe shorts that reveal thier whole package and it bounces all over.. looks good on them but i dont kno those shorts just dont look like they for me..they seem too soft. i like cut off jeans shorts ya kno the stupid
otter7 · Jun 12 at 3:01pm
my cock has been out and no ones loves it///opps u said crops im
buttman71 · Jun 12 at 5:18pm
I would make love to it forever and a few other parts you have young man...
otter7 · May 26 at 12:09pm
wow and i see lifeout has changed it site again...hmmmmmmm

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isukdik · May 4 at 11:19pm
have a great week!
Deviant_D · Apr 20 at 3:09pm
Are you ready for Easter Bunny to bring you an Easter basket full of goodies? I am and do you want to know what kind of Easter basket I really want??? It's that beef stick and Easter eggs that's between your legs and I just love that kind of Easter treats as I know you do too cus I got some of that for you too... Happy Easter :)
Deviant_D · Apr 17 at 1:32pm
Hey buddy were friends so why don't we pleasure ourselves with some good sucking, rimming, and fucking and top it all off with our sweet juicy man juice, and I'm sure will both have a good fucken time together because... ♫ That's what friends are for ♪ :)
buttman71 · Mar 9 at 8:42pm
Iv been worried about you...Havent seen you online for awhile
GoodGuy1985 · Feb 17 at 10:56pm
Thanks for the add Gorgeous.
isukdik · Feb 4 at 7:36am
good morning stud!