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43 years old (Capricorn)
Chenango Bridge, Broome County, New York, United States
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tired of being a good guy, my life is boring and have realized the more bad i am the more i am like... lol

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otter7 · Apr 16 at 7:10pm
when will people realize the way we look at them isnt the same as how they look at themselves...? mmmmmm I dont consider myself as"hot" but i dont consided myself totally ugly...though I bet we will all agree I"m NO twink anymore if I ever was
otter7 · Apr 16 at 11:08pm
now as u stated we tend to judge by outside looks which is true but.....have u ever noticed those awesome bods look fantastic until they open their mouths...what a turn off...But not all are like that..I will behave and thank u...I rather have friends and ya kno they are beautifull
buttman71 · Apr 16 at 8:34pm
You are fine Otter.... Inside and out.....
otter7 · Apr 15 at 12:55pm
There times you just have no control over getting mad at people ,but over time you do have control to learn to forgive! ;)
tnmustang · Apr 15 at 1:35pm
It took me years to realize that. The whole time.... being mad, hurt me more than the person I was mad at!!!!
goddard61 · Apr 15 at 6:43pm
I try my best to put the b.s. that happened and put it behind me. I figure that whatever was done to me just makes me stronger and I will be better for it. I also know that whatever was done to me will fall back on the person who did it and most of the time they get it back worse.
otter7 · Apr 13 at 12:34pm
oh i am just not right....i found myself twitching in my pants when i was out and about yesterday seeing so many guys with facial hair... thats a big turn on for me....thank i put my neck out turning and staring so much..mmmmmmmmmm
RoaringLeo · Apr 14 at 7:37pm
I'm shavin mine off now roflmao
otter7 · Apr 14 at 10:28pm
I already did mine
otter7 · Apr 11 at 6:42pm
sucks to be a farmer...The Disk in my back are fucking with me and I still gots to work..... MRI here I come again sometime
SubsForNone · Apr 11 at 8:06pm
sorry about that, I did Dairy farm work b4....sure I could do it again
otter7 · Apr 11 at 10:37pm
just do me and make me forget the pain! :)
otter7 · Apr 11 at 8:33am it the fun "big RUSH" why people sneak around be hind thier loves one's to get off...or is it they are lacking something.
goddard61 · Apr 11 at 3:38pm
I think that they think that the grass is greener on the other side. When they get hurt they act like they can't figure out why.

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robert · Apr 4 at 12:43pm
Stopping by to say Hello and wish a friend a great weekend be safe and leaving lots of hugs
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Stopping by to say Hi and wish you an awesome weekend have fun and be safe and leaving lot of hugs for a friend
buttman71 · Mar 9 at 8:42pm
Iv been worried about you...Havent seen you online for awhile
robert · Mar 7 at 9:30pm
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Have an awesome weekend may it be fun and relaxing be safe and leaving hugs for all my friends
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Have a great Saturday leaving lots of hugs for a friend
GoodGuy1985 · Feb 17 at 10:56pm
Thanks for the add Gorgeous.