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32 years old (Aquarius)
Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, United States
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please fell free to add me . ultimate goal is to find a ltr. but friends are great too, oh btw i am hiv positive. if thats a prob for u then dont bother.

if all u care about is sex u r barkin up the wrong tree, not here for a quick thing, tho its been known to happen rarely.

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nightauditor · Jul 14 at 4:06am
Havin bad thoughts again that I haven't had in a long time
nightauditor · Jul 9 at 8:12pm
Were r the Indy guys at who smoke and party?
nightauditor · Jul 6 at 2:21pm
Why is it I help everyone out when I can buy when I need help suddenly everyone is broke.
Patrickn502 · Jul 7 at 8:47am
I think the less on you need to learn from this is the same one I had to learn. Stop helping people as much. People who you have helped that don't help in return don't get any more help.
nightauditor · Jul 6 at 9:40am
I've noticed that all Indianapolis has to offer is horn dogs. When will I find my knight in shining pickup truck??
nightauditor · Jun 26 at 1:52am
With marriage legal in IND maybe I will get Mr. right
Patrickn502 · Jun 26 at 1:13pm
Yes, it became legal yesterday, but some counties in the state are still not issuing licenses.
Napp26 · Jun 26 at 1:49pm
Crazy eh? To deny an American of his/her Civil Right! Congrats on legalization though .. :)

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jon2011 · Feb 13 at 6:45pm
Happy Birthday ! ! !