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34 years old (Sagittarius)
Lincoln City, Lincoln County, Oregon, United States
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Hi everyone. Love hearing from everyone, and seeing all the hot dudes on here. Ive made some awesome friends from here.

A few things that need to be stated cause Ive been having issues with people doing this.

1). Yes I have a Boy Friend. If this bothers you then please dont waste yours or my time in talking to me. Its very rude to email and when you find out I have a mate to just stop talking to me.

2). No I dont have skype. So in reality if that is what your after when you email me on here, and get pissy cause I dont have it. Please again dont waste yours or my time.

3). If you friend me, you must have liked something about me or else you wouldnt have, so please unlock your pics. I find it rather rude that I have people on my friends list for years, and talk off and on and they still havnt unlocked there pics. I will be deleting people who havnt done so. Mine are unlocked for everyone. Please have the decency to do the same for me.

Other then that. Lets see. To be quite fair and honest, Im not a nice guy, Im not a bad guy. I try to stay down the middle. I dont do dramma, I tell it like it is, and have a dark sense of humor.

Im a good sized Nerd and Geek. I love my Video games, my books, my Star Trek, my Table Top RPG games, (D&D, Rifts, White wolf stuff). Some computer games ect.

On the flip side of that, I love getting out into nature. Im a huge dirt worshiping tree huger as it were. Love walking on the beach as well.

Im also a Pagan and have been all my life. For ME this is the only place to be.

Im a very open and honest person. Some say to honest, but that is not my issue.

If you want to know more just holler.

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StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 40
Here forDating, Friends, Networking
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSome extra baggage
Height6' 0"
Weight185 lbs
EducationHigh school
ChildrenI do not want kids


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nexes · Apr 20 at 11:50am
Happy Easter to those that Celebrate it. Happy 420 to those that Celebrate that. Happy Sunday to the rest of us.
nexes · Apr 20 at 1:57pm
nexes · Apr 20 at 11:14am
Posted photos ...
nexes · Apr 9 at 7:39pm
I always have to wonder at those people who only have pictures of their asses and their ass holes. Do they feel that is all they are worth and all that they are is some gaping hole that needs to be filled? Shakes head, while I tend to top, I would prefer Seeing face, chest and cock, because ass isnt all there is.
funguy6928 · Apr 9 at 8:04pm
True true
nexes · Mar 12 at 10:24am
One of the finer things in life is in a mans pants.
bigmikemarsh · Mar 12 at 5:18pm
That is very True!! :)
nexes · Feb 14 at 10:12am
Happy Valentines day to those who celebrate it.

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Wilyum · Apr 6 at 11:36am
thanks for the add again
willdog89 · Mar 18 at 5:49am
hey hope you have a nice week
shadow_prince · Jan 30 at 10:17am
Hey thanks for the picture comment. Hope your day is going great. :)
Trucker84 · Jan 28 at 12:21pm
Hey thanks for the photo comment!
Deviant_D · Dec 26 2013 at 9:51pm
Merry Christmas and I got your Christmas gift ready for you and I know you'l have loads of fun with it, now open up that purty mouth of yours and start slurping and sucking away, or if you like just take a seat and be jolly and be merry and jump and ride it with joy :)
funguy6928 · Dec 25 2013 at 12:52pm
Marry Christmas
funguy6928 · Dec 12 2013 at 9:02pm
Happy Christmas early may you have a great one sexy
Deviant_D · Nov 28 2013 at 11:38pm
On this Thanksgiving Day I'm thankful for your friendship... And now that were done with the small talk let's cut to the chase and let me give you some of my erotic holiday stuffing and let me add some of my special delicious creamy sauce too and I know that you'll just fucken love it you'll be wanting 2nd, 3rds, and 4ths ;-)
the_extra · Nov 13 2013 at 9:30am
May humpday truly be hump day! Thanks for dropping by sexy.
wally1965 · Nov 2 2013 at 3:44pm
Hope you are having a great weekend and that you had an eventfull Halloween!