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Here forDating, Serious relationships, Friends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 11"
Weight170 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school
ChildrenLove kids, but not for me
OccupationDESIGNER/Retail Store/Restaurant/commercial space/condos


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mARK415 · Nov 4 2012 at 11:56am
Updated profile.
mARK415 · May 16 2012 at 2:29pm
Of all the luck!!!! Beautiful spring weather is here and I had to go and tear the cartilage in my left knee in a running mishap. Oh well, the other two "legs" are working just fine, lol. Anyone care to come by and take advantage of an injured fool or help me shower. Of course didn't say I wouldn't take advantage of YOU in the process, lol...I'm injured but not THAT injured, lol. Have a wonderful day guys....hugs!!
marriedguy123 · Jun 30 2012 at 8:22pm
hope you feeling better now and have come down to enjoy pride in Tdot.
Bling1 · Feb 25 2013 at 9:45am
Hope you have healed . But if you still need help I've had experience as a caregiver . :)
mARK415 · May 9 2012 at 3:45pm
President Obamma just announced officially that he supports gay marriage !!!! As a Canadian I can't comprehend that it took this long and even more unbelievable is the fact that 31 states have legislation outlawing gay marriage. Guess because gay marriage was written into law in Canada in 2005 we've come to find it implausible that it's still not accepted in the US. Hard to believe in this day and age only four countries have such legislation. Keep up the good fight guys hugs...hugs !!
schymac · May 9 2012 at 6:16pm
I just saw that.
wayoutthere · Dec 12 2013 at 12:28pm
and the state of Florida had it on the ballot 4 times already and all four times the people here voted against it by about 73% the last election
mARK415 · May 7 2012 at 6:57pm
It's finally a fantastic warm and sunny day here. Just came back from a 10km. training and sweaty..anyone want to join me in the shower??? Enter at your own risk lol....I'm terminally horny, lol!!! Have a great evening guys !!...hugs...Mark
marriedguy123 · May 7 2012 at 7:54pm
anytime will join you,xoxx
Deviant_D · May 7 2012 at 8:33pm
Am I too late ;)
mARK415 · Mar 9 2012 at 12:30am
Said ... Passing this on from a friend: 1 of every 10 people born is gay. So 1 of every 10 people is instantly put down, given bad labels, left alone, put in a minority and so much more, all for something they didn't ask for. Many gay teens are committing suicide as a way of escaping. If you want to tell them: "life...will get better!" and you respect them for who they are, copy and paste this. Most of you won't, but let's see the 5% of you who will. I just did.

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Deviant_D · Jul 18 at 12:47am
I have something for you that I know you'll love... my ass, my cock, a good rimming, and some great fucking action and I'm versatile too so that's even better for the both of us :)
smoothoneforyou · May 12 at 8:05pm
Hey, thanks for adding me.............!!!!!!!!
ohfun75 · Mar 27 at 6:43am
Hope you are doing well!
JanHRO71 · Feb 15 at 8:28am
Have a sexy Saturday!
Deviant_D · Feb 1 at 8:30pm
Ready for some football? I am so let's get ruff and real nasty and I'll be the Quarterback and you'll be the Tight End and I'll tackle your ass and pump my cock in your hot ass for a touchdown, and I'll stroke your cock while I'm fucking you and make you shoot your load over the field goal for the extra point, and will celebrate as we both cum at the same time, but I'm versatile so we can always switch postions :)