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40 years old (Aries)
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, United States
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what/who captures my intention?.....

when someone is secure enuf to be vulnerable.....

when someone is so genuine I can't help but fall.....

when someone tells me that I have a booger hanging out.....

when someone make me laugh being totally silly.....

when someone cherishes me.....

when someone knows the worst thing about me.....

and loves me anyway.......

i am captured when i find someone who dares to be different.......

and say something so sincere it throws me off balance.......

i pay attention when u whisper

i tend to find true intelligence and wit terrify most of these queens on here so i dumb it down quite a bit... most people have never read the "introduction" on my profile, and most of those who have do not begin to understand the nuance and spirituality embedded within it.....

i am far from a drifter... i am perhaps one of the most grounded human beings u will ever encounter... just because i believe and experience things most souls never will does not mean i am not earthbound... i must be in order to be open to all these meta-physical things...

i have a career that is my passion and it has amassed me great sums of money.... my uncle told me when i was young that if u truly follow ur passion the riches u receive from it will be far greater than even the physical compensation u do receiving it... which i have lived by and bore it out to be true

i truly am compassionate, sensual, honest, witty, intelligent, and sexual.... its a shame most people will never see all of that... but i hope someday the universe introduces me to that soul that does.... truly does

has anyone else noticed when someone has as their default pic their cock or their ass they end up looking like they were hit by a train?

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