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24 years old (Aquarius)
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States
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i don't like to waste my time in something that's not even worth an issue in my life...

what you see, is what you get..

i'm not as nice as what other people presume I am, besides i don't live to please everyone..

love me or hate me, this is me...

an average reasonable person, who likes to "pretend dumb" in front of those people who acts smart but are utterly "profound"..

TAKE it, or LEAVE it..

DEAL with it.. LIVE with it!

chill out!



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insensitivepacute · Jul 27 at 12:33pm
so i've watched that 6 mins video scandal..oddly my eyes were glued to the boobs of that girl..hawwttt
acqua · Jul 28 at 10:27am
Aq dn....yummy boobs...
insensitivepacute · Jun 16 at 4:32pm
Updated profile.
insensitivepacute · May 6 at 3:51pm
they say sex is healthy, i say let's get healthy together
cynewulf08 · May 6 at 11:43pm
Pm me your mobile number
insensitivepacute · May 2 at 11:54pm
that gasp in my ear on the first thrust
insensitivepacute · May 3 at 2:22am
hell NO!
amaeleki_returns · May 3 at 10:04pm
Eh kasi sabi mo sa status eh.... Ano b yan kanta? Heheheheh

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