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22 years old (Capricorn)
Mandaluyong City, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Wanted: Perfect friend


1. Must have a good sense of humor.

2. Can ride my trips.

3. Knows how to boss me around and caress me at the same time.

4. Can read my silence.

5. Sweet.

6. Can appreciate small sweet moments and things.

7. Brave and adventurous.

8. Great in bed.

I love kissing and cuddling. Friendly, loveable, shy, intimidating, silent, slightly alcoholic.

Food enthusiast.

Loves to travel.

A swimmer, listener, a good judge of character.

I've always meant to love.

Treat me good and I promise I'll be your great loyal friend.

Love me more and I can be with you forever.

I might bite, but I promise you'll like it. ;-)

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Here forDating, Friends
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height5' 6"
Weight110 lbs
EducationGrad / professional school


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iambillywilliam · Jun 25 at 11:28am
Tip: Clogged nose? Try to masturbate, it will help unclog nose, orgasm helps body fight colds. ;)
Dustin_52 · Jun 29 at 10:07pm
Sexy! Nagpm ako. :)
iambillywilliam · Jun 16 at 1:37am
Unconciously I started playing with my nipples. ..and I like it. Haha. It's hard to be alone.
Dustin_52 · Jun 16 at 9:54am
Play with me.
iambillywilliam · May 17 at 2:22pm
I don't know if it sounds weird, but I have masturbated a lot of times to Bumblebee. He's just so hot and sexy. Haha damn!
iambillywilliam · May 18 at 1:06am
Bumblebee of transformers
Dustin_52 · May 20 at 3:52am
Hi Billy,I sent a message.
iambillywilliam · May 8 at 11:56pm
Posted photos ...
iambillywilliam · Apr 10 at 4:10am
Studies show that, in general, homosexual men have 1" to 1 1/2" longer penis than heterosexual men.

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RicanLunaP · May 9 at 12:43am
So sexy!!!
TNHOL · Jan 24 at 11:41am
Hot Titi there Stud ! ;-)