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25 years old (Sagittarius)
Manila, City of Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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pinksnowangel · May 4 at 12:25pm
pwede ba ako kahit bottom ako?
Alexxis07 · May 4 at 7:02am
So, how do you like to get it done?
pierre1987 · May 4 at 9:36am
imma sit on your top hehe
Alexxis07 · May 3 at 8:51am
Buko juice.... Ice cream.... Fruit shakes.... Milk tea... I want them all!!
Alexxis07 · Apr 25 at 9:33am
Boring mga bagong videos...
phoenixe · Apr 26 at 6:56am
Gawa kc tau hehe
HorridWilting · Apr 26 at 2:08pm
Tayo sex then record then upload :)

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