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I'm fun and crazy. I love having a good time. Music and soccer are my everything.

I have all kinds of fantasies and most of them are pretty dark. I like people who share that darkness :)

I like making new friends and enjoy chatting.

I am what you can call a true friend, who's loyal as fuck but I expect the same in return.

I'm primal. I don't like my prey on a plate. I like to hunt. I want to fight for it, claim it, devour it. Therefor I will use all my strength, my courage, my claws, my teeth, my whole body if I have to. I like it rough, I like it playful and sometimes even soft. I like smelling, tasting, feeling.

If you want to know something, ask.

If you want to friend me, you can send me a request :)

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Smartass83 · Apr 21 at 10:43am
Updated profile.
Smartass83 · Apr 21 at 8:39am
Posted photos ...
Smartass83 · Apr 15 at 5:27pm
After a week in paradise I really don't feel like going home. Malta, I'm gonna miss you...
Smartass83 · Apr 12 at 8:27pm
Posted photos ...
Smartass83 · Nov 10 2013 at 1:51pm
Gotta love long weekends :)

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hbkmichael · Apr 21 at 9:35am
I love your new pictures handsome, hope you have a great day
Into_the_blue · Apr 21 at 8:08am
LOL and how about we actually do it?!?!
Into_the_blue · Apr 21 at 7:54am
Into_the_blue · Apr 21 at 7:30am
Into_the_blue · Apr 21 at 6:33am
Oow yes, be my guest! Do it to me baby!
Deviant_D · Apr 20 at 6:13pm
Are you ready for Easter Bunny to bring you an Easter basket full of goodies? I am and do you want to know what kind of Easter basket I really want??? It's that beef stick and Easter eggs that's between your legs and I just love that kind of Easter treats as I know you do too cus I got some of that for you too... Happy Easter :)
Deviant_D · Apr 17 at 9:58pm
Hey buddy were friends so why don't we pleasure ourselves with some good sucking, rimming, and fucking and top it all off with our sweet juicy man juice, and I'm sure will both have a good fucken time together because... ♫ That's what friends are for ♪ :)
Deviant_D · Apr 16 at 12:45pm
Now that were friends stop by my page more often I'm sure you'll see something you'll like and while your there leave me a hot and juicy comment :)
Deviant_D · Apr 15 at 10:37pm
Well Hello :)
Wilyum · Apr 13 at 12:03pm
thanks for the add