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Michael_Broderick_hottlead · Mar 28 at 12:17am
Hi Guys, I have two piece in this show. If you live in or will be visiting NYC, CHECK IT OUT! http://www.leslielohman.org/about/press-release...
Michael_Broderick_hottlead · Mar 16 at 11:45pm
We're as happy as a Gay in glitter that Fred Phelps is close to croaking and don't want to hear any sanctimonious BS about "forgiveness" - ESPECIALLY from any LGBTs! Thank You
ADK841 · Mar 17 at 12:23am
Michael_Broderick_hottlead · Mar 5 at 11:20pm
"Dignity is often mistaken for hauteur in an uncouth society."
Michael_Broderick_hottlead · Feb 8 at 2:22am
Screw the Olympics for holding it in a blatantly ANTI-GAY country! I don't get why so many LGBTs are watching and critiquing it as though bitchy quips will put an end to the discrimination. Are you THAT starved for entertainment...really??? What is that accomplishing?!? The only reason to monitor the mess is to make sure our Russian LGBT brothers and sisters aren't being abused and you're NOT going to find that out from NBC!!! BOYCOTT the Olympics!
1n_onlyPUP · Feb 10 at 6:45pm
You can never change anything standing on the outside looking in. By being in the middle of things most countries are defiantly showing their acceptance of LGBT participants and thumbing their noses at Russia's legislation. The Olympic charter stands for equality and fairness in sports without discrimination of any kind. By having an open and affirming event so large on the world stage it points out Russia's intolerance. Most people didn't know before the Olympics came into play. Now entire business See more
Michael_Broderick_hottlead · Feb 10 at 8:41pm
Yeah, that's fine. I was talking about gays who are just watching the games, sucking their teeth and making stupid comments about it. THAT isn't doing a damn thing.

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