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46 years old (Sagittarius)
Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, United States
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Just like my name, I'm a great guy, easy going, go with the flow type of guy! I'm on this site to chat and I have some really great friends here. It would be cool to meet some guys to hook up with but the guys I click with are always so far away.

A few years ago I went through a body transformation, lost a lot of weight and starting working out at the gym. The gym is now just part of my daily routine, I love it and love see the results of my hard work. I also love all the eye candy at the gym!

I love all the porn clips you all post on this site. Some of my favorite categories are vintage and coach/player.

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Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeAthletic
Height5' 11"
Weight175 lbs
ChildrenI do not want kids


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smoothoneforyou · Jul 22 at 3:23pm
Hey, thanks for adding me.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deviant_D · Jul 15 at 4:56pm
I have something for you that I know you'll love... my ass, my cock, a good rimming, and some great fucking action and I'm versatile too so that's even better for the both of us :)
Deviant_D · Apr 21 at 2:55pm
Are you ready for Easter Bunny to bring you an Easter basket full of goodies? I am and do you want to know what kind of Easter basket I really want??? It's that beef stick and Easter eggs that's between your legs and I just love that kind of Easter treats as I know you do too cus I got some of that for you too... Happy Easter :)
Deviant_D · Apr 17 at 11:54am
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Wilyum · Apr 1 at 1:29pm
thanks for the add again
RicanLunaP · Mar 18 at 6:21pm
Thanks for stopping by!!
Deviant_D · Mar 17 at 9:51pm
Here's a cheers to you on this St Patrick's Day so I tip my beer to you... but I'd rather be sucking on your cock and tipping my cock in your hot ass, and I versatile so you can do that to me too :)
Newbie · Feb 16 at 11:43am
Thanks for the visit :)
RicanLunaP · Feb 13 at 2:51pm
Thanks for stoppin' by and the pic likes!! =D
txboy65 · Feb 6 at 7:55am
Sexy man - hot pictures! Thanks!!