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57 years old (Libra)
Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, United States
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They don't have to be young, but it helps. They don't need to be pretty, but it helps.
A pretty face and a pretty butt are my favorite things. A great sense of humor, intellect, honesty. That's what matters.

Basic Information

StatusIn an open relationship
Into Guys18 to 99
Here forFriends, Networking, Action / Sex
Sexual positionVersatile / Top
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
Height6' 4"
Weight195 lbs
EducationSome day
ChildrenProud parent
OccupationI run a muck.


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Chokerten · Mar 26 at 8:52pm
Somebody needs to stir things up, I'm getting bored.
asswood · Mar 26 at 8:58pm
I can keep u occupied
jstbrsn · Mar 28 at 12:47am
Come to MN I will stir things up for you. =)
Chokerten · Mar 5 at 5:28pm
I'm here! Mind if I cum inside?
fairy_tail · Mar 5 at 6:25pm
well you asked nicely so I think you can :P
cestmoi · Mar 5 at 9:58pm
You know the door is ALWAYS open!
Chokerten · Feb 16 at 9:28am
I need a hottie to suck me off right about now...
buttman71 · Feb 16 at 7:55pm
I think we all could take him.. But I get dibs on that man hole.. Thinking about it makes my tongue
jstbrsn · Feb 16 at 8:03pm
Would love to.but alas I am in MN and you're in OH
Chokerten · Feb 7 at 2:00am
Wondering if anyone else is having problems viewing photos. I haven't changed any settings but half the thumbnails are missing and lots of the full size pics are only showing an "x". Any ideas?
Matt2010 · Feb 7 at 10:19am
I thought I was the only one!
JosephC · Feb 7 at 11:07am
I was having issues last night but it seems to have cleared up now
Chokerten · Feb 3 at 3:00pm
There's a chat room here.--Don't make me use it! hehe

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Deviant_D · Apr 17 at 11:57am
Hey buddy were friends so why don't we pleasure ourselves with some good sucking, rimming, and fucking and top it all off with our sweet juicy man juice, and I'm sure will both have a good fucken time together because... ♫ That's what friends are for ♪ :)
mr_valentine · Apr 8 at 6:48pm
Wilyum · Apr 3 at 10:39pm
thanks for the add again
rubenechague · Mar 11 at 7:12am
your welcome
Jedishufa · Mar 4 at 12:57am
Thanks for liking my pic and for the photo comment.
Jedishufa · Feb 25 at 6:08pm
Thanks for liking my pic.
dancingtothemusic13 · Feb 24 at 9:35pm
Hey back at ya! :D How are you doing?
Rocketman · Feb 17 at 7:36am
Hoping your Monday isn't too long and hard!
southernboy05 · Feb 16 at 9:57am
Thanks! :-)
asswood · Feb 3 at 3:07pm
Before I bounce I waanna deep throat that cock