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Sucking JDPHNX

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sucking big dick daddy


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Cum Shot

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Blowing my Partner Cum Shot


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Daddy Getting Sucked...Again!

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One of my very best boys...a hot Latino who's been sucking and taking my cock for years now. Damn, he's a good cocksucker!


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More deployment fun

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Having some more fun with the guy from the previous video


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straight black cock cums in my throat

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Straight guy just moved across the street and been walking around with no shirt sexy as hell so I invite him over to watch a "movie" and to my surprise he lays on my bed and drops his drawers. ......


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Sucking Daddys dick

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Getting my dick sucked


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Volleyball hookup

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Moved to Seattle two weeks ago and got invited to a volleyball tourney. Usually I'm not into young twink boys but this outside hitter in one of the teams was giving me the vibe. It was fun...


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suck it all buddy