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Dildo Fun

1m 2s long
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Fucking myself with my dildo.


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Leaving a little Treat inside my friend

1m 25s long
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Would you guys like a treat to sexy


Shared publicly - Jan 19 at 2:01pm

Hot meat

4m 22s long
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Watching video make me horny


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getting a blow job on the roof

1m 50s long
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Guy sucking me off on the roof of the bath house 2


Shared publicly - Jan 18 at 10:05pm

macho dancing while jerking..

2m 6s long
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just for fun..


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My jo vid

1m 10s long
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Having some fun jerking off


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Tell me you LOVE my Cock

20m 51s long
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The way you squirm under me and beg me to stop but don't push me off and let me in again and again... this is what I love second to... hearing you tell me "I love your cock". Hope you enjoy the...


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Me sucking some good cock, always...

3m 5s long
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My friend stoped by and we had some fun. He wanted me to put on a mask, but didn't have one so we made one. lol


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1m 30s long
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Let it cum baby.....


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Shower fun 1-15-17

4m 35s long
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Broke out one of my toys


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My first bare topping!

1m 40s long
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So now I finally get to fuck an ass bare and unload. what a nice juicy hole my pussy boy had. Hope you don't mind my funny underwear. Sometimes I like the feeling of keeping some clothes on.


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Jacking off on cam

2m 30s long
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Naked, hard and needing to shoot my load


Shared publicly - Jan 16 at 7:20pm

Late night jerk

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Cold night + hard on = pleasure lol


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Just-a strokin and cummin

2m 11s long
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Jacking off before lunch...


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Tribute J.O. to BeachBear58

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Turned on by BeachBear58


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1m 45s long
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Just doing some painting around the house...


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Bathroom Stall Fuck 2

1m 36s long
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Had some time at a train station in Germany, and found a quiet bathroom where a guy had a hard on waiting, this time with condom. He pounded me nice, and you can see his jizz in the condom at the end.


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Hot session

1m 51s long
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Some bareback fun


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1st night in Miami

1m 41s long
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Beating my jet lag, decided to jerk off in my bed.


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Me Jerking my cock

1m 16s long
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Me jerking my cock