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Blow Job

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Hot Blowjob


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Some stroking to start the day.

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Thinking about the guy that fucked me the night before.


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Edging for an Hour, need to taste cum

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Just needed some fun time and release - it felt so good.


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Fuckin' my babywako


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Matt breeding my hole

1m 42s long
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Riding matt's cock...Then he breeds my hole


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Riding Matt's Cock

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Riding my mans cock..


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me hi jok off

2m 16s long
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Ben jok off


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Beautiful Black Ass rimmed and fucked...

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I finally had some free time to have a fun afternoon with a hot black bottom. Dam he could take a good hard pounding and a few loads.


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Patrick and Me

1m 44s long
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Another hot encounter with Patrick


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3-11-17 JO fun

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Not the best video, but an ok JO and cum shot, cropped it down so you don't have to watch the lead up to the nutting part, we all know it's about the cumshot ;)


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jacking off

4m 35s long
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Jacking off again.... really need fucked....


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jacking off

1m 28s long
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Jacking off... really need fucked , sucked off , or I will top also.... I am into smelling white socks while fucking a guy or jacking off..... would really love to find someone to fuck me and smell...


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Sucking My Dick

7m 53s long
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A new edit and repost of earlier video of horny younger guy sucking my dick


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From the back

19m 58s long
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Video of us fucking from the back. I was only able to handle his cock for a few but got so hard & turned on from it I needed his ass to breed


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Chubby cub and dildo fun

1m 15s long
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Fucking myself with my dildo on Valentine's day


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Baby oil

3m 13s long
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More fun with baby oil


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Team BIG Dick

5m 23s long
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#bigcock #verga #pene #cum #veinycock #tamod #salsal #cickring #lube #oil


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Playtime in pecker pants

2m 4s long
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Feeling horny in spandex.


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Hairy pussy

1m 9s long
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Tuesday relief


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12" dildo

2m 11s long
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riding it good