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Oh yes!

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This was one of the most amazing nights with a sexy boy! His ass and he was perfect! It's gonna happen more often but here is a little sneak peek. Always wear condoms!


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4m 40s long
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Make it cum


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Birthday manfukkin

7m 32s long
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4th try to upload WMV format Sucks crap!!! :((


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Jerk It Off, Jerk It Off

1m 15s long
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Felt horny so...


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un rapidin es bueno


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clothes pins and leather

2m 8s long
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just playing


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jerkng off

3m 57s long
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Hello...leave a message after the tone

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Daddy Carl ignores his phone call


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Morning JO

3m 15s long
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Quick JO with lots of cum.


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Giving my man a Blowjob

3m 13s long
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Sucking on my man's cock and balls. Tastes good :)


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Cum Facial By my man

2m 39s long
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Getting sprayed in the face with my mans hot load.


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First ever recorded Video. of my junior.

1m 8s long
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Last part of my jerking act. I was cumming!


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Amazing Arab Ass Fucking Pt1

7m 22s long
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This guy just has the most amazing ass, and I love his dark skin and awesome dark fur.


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I went to visit PD, [bleauxjob69]

1m 27s long
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I placed an ad on Craig's list and told the guys to come over and PD did us all. I think 5 guys came over that day. This just a short clip of us getting started.


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Old video re-post of my first life here

14m 41s long
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My Bud bleauxjob69, doing it like no other!


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part 2 bare back

1m 32s long
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My friend stops fucking me to eat and finger my hungry little gay hole.


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Dec 30 interracial 3 some

1m 3s long
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Video of me banging my steady buddy. Another joined us for some oral and discipline at the end.


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Matt Sucking my cock

3m 13s long
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My man sucking my cock


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Cumming on my man's face

2m 39s long
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Jacking my cock and Cum spraying on my mans face.


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Oral Fixation with Facial (Repost of...

8m 0s long
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Pt 2 to the last oral video, & the Finale of this series. An all out Oral video of us. Lots of sucking, sluping, deep throating & swallowing. Followed by dick stroking, choking, & finishing with...