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My first video

1m 7s long
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Jerking off in a friends briefs


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Happy Birthday Stephen

1m 49s long
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Don't you just hate it when Facebook keeps reminding you about the Birthday of all your contacts, or your email address book. Here is what I Personally Delivered to a new Guy Friend on his Birthday...


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Working up to Sleipnir

20m 12s long
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In this one I start with Bam and move onto Moko. Then I try to use Sleipnir with some success. He really is kinda unwieldy. But a lot of fun once I get him in =3


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Play time while watching a porn movie.

8m 41s long
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I was watching a new porn movie and got horny. Sorry about the back ground noise of the movie.


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Rock Hard JO in Yellow Jock

3m 2s long
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Here is a video of me edging my rock hard cock. At this point, I had been edging for about 6 hours. No cum shot though... :(


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Trading Holes

6m 40s long
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Me and a buddy exchanging holes. He gives me a good pounding.


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Morning Stroke

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Woke up horny and hungry for cock.


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doing my ex roommate

2m 0s long
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me fucking my ex roommate


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Milk time


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Jerking off while in hotel

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Just another lonely night on the road keeping myself entertained.


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Another fun cum vid

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Just another nut busted. :)


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More Thick Jizz

2m 26s long
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Quick jerk and cum play


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2m 8s long
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Just fun with a fleshlight


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Jacking off in bed and eating my cum

1m 6s long
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I had been watching some porn and get horny and hard and had to jack off. I wanted to eat some jizz and it was good!


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Married Military Returns Pt2

9m 33s long
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After so much foreplay, I was ready for some serious fucking, with a nice thick load left in his ass.


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just being silly

4m 14s long
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not really singing. i cant sing a tune at all lol


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Little Ball Play

2m 2s long
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Tugging and ball slapping. Like 'em sucked and rough play.


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new flexing

1m 8s long
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just flexing 2015


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Jerking off and eating my cum

7m 37s long
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As the title says :-)


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First Jackoff video

3m 27s long
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After great chatting and edging.....,