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Love me what we do

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suck me :) baby


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Jakol after biking

1m 9s long
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Slave Jerking Off Master

1m 1s long
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Masturbation of Master by his slave, Then cummng to a creamy finish!


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3m 3s long
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My favorite dildo


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Bulge Action, Bum and a Fuck You ;)

1m 8s long
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For all you nice guys out there who enjoy this kinda stuff ;) 'late night show of sorts'


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Al primo me.... lo re-COJO

5m 30s long
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Una buena cojida a mi primo, sorry por la mala imagen y audio.


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Hermosos pies de un Argentino del 10.5

2m 1s long
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Faje en un vapor a un argentitn gemia rico lastima que no me dejo grabar cuando lo penetre.


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Three Times His Age

12m 33s long
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I met this guy on line. At the time of the video he was 21. I live in a college town so, when a guy looks younger then 25 I check ID's. When I looked at his driver's ID, I remembered seeing it...


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A little something on the side

14m 30s long
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This is a divorced guy that can't get anyone to suck his cock. He can't last more then a minute. SO, I told him I would come play IF I could give him a massage before. It worked out


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Married man's queer break

13m 2s long
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Married buddy told me he had to meet his wife in 30 minutes but wanted to cum. No problem, says I


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A Quick One Before Work

1m 56s long
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Just a fast wank before heading out to work


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Hosed in the woods

2m 6s long
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A brief moment in the woods in black hose.


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Laundry room

1m 57s long
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That cock felt so nice


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in the shower

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red speedo bulge


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stocky dad

3m 50s long
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sucking a stocky cock.ass rimming with stocky dad


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Soft to Hard Tease in Boxers

2m 17s long
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First vid. Me playing in boxers, getting hard, dick slips and teasing


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My Alpha Top breeding me

13m 8s long
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My dominate top has his way with me until he breeds me. This was the first of two that night.


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Drunk straight guy breeding me

2m 59s long
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This guy answer and ad I placed on Craiglist for bareback tops. He fucked me for a good 30 minutes but I only got to record this last 2 minutes. He didn't care I was recording. He was so hot and...


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Fucking Myself

1m 33s long
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Can't find a guy to do the job so I'll do it myself. Filmed a little of me fuckig myself with my dildo. Was pretty good


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Riding My Boyfriend

5m 52s long
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Really dark, this one, so you can't see as much as one wold like, but oh well. ;) You've been told!