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White guy sucked blk guy's dick

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Early morning he texted me a message and ask me you work off today? I said yes I am off work today. He came my house. He said I really you so much. He and I fucked buddies sometimes


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Army guy here been in Korea for the past two years..........making love to my boo for the sixth time in one day :o)


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Suck and Fuck with a New Friend

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Playing with a new friend in a storage closet


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Small cocks needs some loving too

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A daddy giving me a great blowjob.


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Dildo Riding Fun

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I was incredibly horny, and decided to have some fun with my dildo.. I didn't last very long, because it had been DAYS since I came.


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grow, jerk n suck

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grow, jerkin n self-suck


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making it wet

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Happy Ending

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Jeking myself off, big load bust


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Midnight Jerk Off

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I was alone in the pad the other night and i couldn't sleep so i grabbed a bottle of lotion and tired myself out by doing this.


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Getting Dick Sucked

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Boy loves to suck cock.


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Having a quick release this am

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Oh man that felt great


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3rd floor toilet

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playing with a guy in a cubical, I get totally naked


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First time using a fleshlight

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Masturbating with a fleshlight


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Oral exploration

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Just getting to know a buddy better one afternoon. Loved how it felt hardening in my mouth and in my hands!


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love the way he suck

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this is an old video of mine, he's an old friend unfortunatelly we lost contact. he's the best sucking doctor


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Rainy horny day!!!

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These dark and rainy get me horny, too bad there's no one around to show just how horny I really am!!


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Sex Buddy

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By special request,now i have a sex partner.A quick teaser everyone.hope u like it.


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Sexy me jakol

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I love playing my cock...


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BJ the best

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Sucking him off


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1st jackoff video here

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When I had no internet. Had nothing to do. So I made this lol. I have 2 more vids that are just like this, but this is the one that has no static lol.