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Total Bottom here!


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Into Guys18 to 55
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
OccupationButt Whore haha


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Shared publicly - Apr 6 at 10:51pm
Any one have any links to good "condom to bareback" or "stealth barebacking" videos? Young cumdumps want to know. ;)
Tell you what. I volunteer to make some with you.
Apr 7 at 11:55am
I have some loads I would like to dump into you.
Apr 7 at 1:18pm
Let's just make our own!
Apr 7 at 2:10pm
lots of good vids here:

i would love to make some stealth vids with you!


Jan 23 at 11:20pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Jan 21 at 10:09pm
For those of you on truvada/prep, do you bb all the time now? do you take loads? I just want to get a feel from guys using it how "safe" it is as oppose to doctors etc.
Jan 21 at 10:46pm
Everyone I know that is on it has never had a problem.
Jan 21 at 11:58pm
it doesn't prevent .......those with high viral loads can be dangerous.......for those boys with low or undetecable viral are safer for barebacking........but never for sure.....and yes i bareback.......but i'm poz and now on a one a day careful and have fun........the side effect will where off........
Jan 22 at 7:26am
Yeah as a neg bottom that also loves bb but fears the STDs, i've been curious to learn more about this "prep" I have some tops ask me if i'm on.


Shared publicly - Jan 20 at 9:30pm
Anyone an expert on Prep? Send me a message!
whats that.......i may know and not know that i know.......
Jan 20 at 11:30pm
I am not sure what you mean?
Jan 21 at 12:20am
Its a medication that if taken before exposure of HIV and keep it from infecting cells in the user (quick explanation)
Jan 21 at 1:10am
truvada........side effects......welcome to the meds are not a bottoms best will adjust and be a happy bottom again.........
Jan 21 at 9:33am meds will make you what you eat.............


Shared publicly - Jan 17 at 6:43pm
Why are tops IMPOSSIBLE to find?!?! #everyoneisabottom :(
Not me! Come over, let's fuck!
Jan 17 at 7:21pm
Come to Daddy when NYCRedHed1 is finished!
Jan 17 at 7:22pm
Oh,'re in LA. Hollywood. And you're surprised everyone's a bottom? LOL. *wink* Come to NYC. They're all bottoms here too, but they pretend to be tops until you talk to them.
Sounds like that suits you just fine!
I like directness and honesty. If you're a bottom, be proud of it like SillySkinny is...if you're vers, enjoy the whole world. If you're a top, get over's only your cock, not your brain. LOL.
Jan 17 at 7:34pm
Some tops of my aquaintance

carry what little brains they have in their cock head and ought to fcuk themselves!
Oh Baby ! I so want to TOP YOU!
Jan 17 at 7:49pm
I'd love to be your top if you weren't clear across the country.
Jan 17 at 8:06pm
nope I am here,,,but way too far away
i feel for ya.........
Jan 17 at 8:31pm
sorry...there is such thing as way too far away...may be I will make the lonr ride and visit
Jan 18 at 2:09am
i think its the same way for bottoms but theres not alot of guys in my area
Jan 18 at 3:51pm
I'm right here ;-)
I am right here, Sexy. Come and cum any time.

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Feb 15 at 9:37pm
Hey You... Yes You... I got a nice Valentines Day treat for you that your just going to love so why don't you cum and lick and eat it till you get to the juicy center and rim it real good and while your doing that I'll suck on your manhood lollipop and then we can switch postions I'm sure you'll enjoy it and so will I, but you know since both our asses are all moist and prepped let's also fuck our brains out while were at it too now wouldn't that be great... Happy Valentines Day :)


Dec 24 2014 at 3:24am
Warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas~


Nov 9 2014 at 8:12pm
like your new photos......very funny and cute.......


Nov 9 2014 at 6:25pm
You are one of the best looking guys on LifeOUT. Great pictures.


Nov 9 2014 at 5:35pm
you look just like dashiell eaves. spitting image!


Nov 1 2014 at 11:34pm
hi cutie! Thanks for accepting my request!