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Oh, hi.


Total Bottom here!


Ain't I cute?!?


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Into Guys18 to 55
Here forFriends, Action / Sex
Sexual positionBottom / Receiver
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
Body typeSlim / Slender
OccupationButt Whore haha


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Aug 28 at 2:25pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Aug 6 at 10:51pm
I rarely look at a photo like, but always look at a photo comment.
Aug 6 at 11:51pm
Same here.
Aug 7 at 10:12am
Lol me too, it makes sense though


Aug 4 at 6:36pm
Posted photos ...


Shared publicly - Aug 3 at 6:59pm
Sometimes I talk to my coupled friends and think relationships seem miserable. But maybe that's just because no one wants to take the silly skinny bottom home for good.
Aug 3 at 7:01pm
I'd take you home for good, I think you're a keeper, my little buddy
Aug 3 at 7:48pm
Baby I will take you home for good may you my husband
Aug 3 at 11:35pm
yes they do........gotta let the wall down.....they will know when.....and you will know when to say .....yes.....everything has has a time.......even time has a time....
Aug 4 at 12:08am
I'd love to take you home and get you naked and all horned up

Aug 5 at 2:34pm
*raises hand*


Shared publicly - Jul 31 at 8:49pm
I went from not horny to needing pounded real quick.
Jul 31 at 8:53pm
wish I was there to pound you stud
Jul 31 at 10:06pm
Wish you were here. You would he walking funny.
Aug 1 at 7:07am
I'm here waiting on you to get here so I can give you a pounding....
Aug 1 at 9:56am
And a good pounding you would get indeed. :-)

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Aug 28 at 4:36pm
Wish you were here, I could use some hugs and kisses, as well as give them back to you... ;-)


Aug 26 at 8:50pm
Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.


Aug 6 at 11:21pm
i wish that i was thirty years younger......maybe you would be wrapped up in my arms tonight.....


Aug 5 at 12:11am
Thanks for accepting sexy guy! love your profile and your pics man!


Jul 30 at 9:34pm
Cum on you know you want it, stop beating around the bush and bend over... or open your mouth either way it's going in and your gonna fucken love it :)


May 19 at 3:12pm
It's Spring time and I'm out of hibernation so I'm ready for any postion with you Top or Bottom :)


May 18 at 4:13pm
Thanks for the add ..nice profile and pics


May 16 at 4:23am
How very nice of you to stop by my profile and check things out, cum back any time!