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tighe101 · Mar 28 at 8:30am

amazing grace demo

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just portion is all they sent me
boricua1962 · Mar 28 at 4:06am

Pumping joy

7m 12s long
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Really enjoying myself with my pump. Damn my cock and balls felt great!!
phantom_cock · Mar 27 at 9:48pm

Undie jerk

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Stroking out a quickie in some undies
greekboi1977 · Mar 27 at 8:08am

1st Vis

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Been a LO guy for a while. Figured after all the loads LO guys have helped me with, it was time to give back.
topfuckbottom · Mar 27 at 6:40am


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houstonguy78 · Mar 27 at 1:46am

Dildo Fuck 3/26/14

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I need the real thing.
DawsonTaylor · Mar 27 at 1:18am

Wrestle Gear

4m 37s long
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Jacking off in Wrestling gear again
rocknzack · Mar 26 at 2:09pm


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short clip
glashous30 · Mar 26 at 12:12pm


16m 50s long
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jackoff again I was bored.
ARTBOY · Mar 26 at 1:12am


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I get so horny reading your request for me to do in my films. I consider all requests and choose the best one's to perform for you all. So please keep 'em coming. If you would like a special...
Oblivious560 · Mar 25 at 7:34pm

Taking care of a need

19m 46s long
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I enjoyed his cock for a couple if hours. This is just 20 min of it
fitguy29 · Mar 25 at 6:51pm

Just some stress relief :)

6m 36s long
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Relieving a little stress after a long day. Hope u enjoy
JJohns · Mar 25 at 6:22pm

Me n Tono

4m 34s long
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A bud takin me.
BBmyTightHole · Mar 25 at 5:38pm

Sat Night

1m 35s long
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Being fucked
bottomnmd · Mar 25 at 3:32pm


1m 34s long
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mundo50 · Mar 25 at 2:39pm

cum on the bed

2m 22s long
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feeling horny
doi_iob · Mar 25 at 10:54am

1st try

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My very 1st jackoff video
cuene0727 · Mar 24 at 11:01pm

In Beijing, lonely

2m 35s long
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Recently get fat, do not know to have people like me. Long time no make love, asshole is very tight~Fuck me, Sir.
Queerblah · Mar 24 at 6:26pm

Let it fly

1m 44s long
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Had been edging all day and after continuing in the shower, just had to empty my balls... Barely had to even get hard before one of the best shots in my life... Enjoy the moaning, those who like...
Bobble67 · Mar 24 at 11:02am

Masturbating While On Camera

1m 32s long
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I started broadcasting a few months ago and enjoy it. It's a turn-on for me, and the guys who watch are usually pretty cool. We enjoy stroking our cocks together while we chat about all things...